Nida Yasir On Children’s Upbringing & Showbiz Lifestyle

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are a celebrity couple who have individually successful careers of their own and they own a joint production that has made some big films. The duo is also known for being relatable and they always share their struggles with the world and how they became successful through hard work. The couple is parents to three kids and they have brought them up in a beautiful manner.

Nida Yasir On Children's Upbringing & Showbiz Lifestyle

Nida was a guest on Masarrat Misbah’s show and talked about how she brought up their kids. She shared that she always put emphasis on putting a bed time curfew for the kids. That is how they are always disciplined and she made them do all their activities in the morning. She always put her kids to bed at 9.30 and this made them respect schedules. She also spoke about how she and Yasir kept the older kids away from the showbiz life so they can have a sense of normalcy. They are not that strict with Balaaj but they still kept their children at a distance from this glamorous life.

Nida Yasir On Children's Upbringing & Showbiz Lifestyle

Here is what Nida shared:

Nida also shared how she has strived to keep the rich-kids attitude out of her children. Even if they have a car at home, she makes her kids use taxi rides or bike rides so they know that they have to strive for something in life. Her daughter wanted to use the bigger car but she gave her the smaller one as she felt that she is picking up an attitude.

Nida Yasir On Children's Upbringing & Showbiz Lifestyle

This is what Nida shared:

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