Nitin Kakkar Refuses that Fawad Khan is not Part of his Film Yet!

The political unrest between both the countries Pakistan and India has scared the Indian director Nitin Kakkar. As he is now denying that he has not signed Fawad Khan for his next film which is being produced under the banner of Salman Khan Films.

The Indian Express has revealed that Nitin Kakkar said, “I haven’t signed Fawad. I have read the news in papers which is surprising because I haven’t signed Fawad yet. I am doing a film for Salman Khan’s production and B.R. Chopra’s co-production. We are meeting several actors. Nothing has been signed yet or put to paper yet.”

The most interesting thing to be noted is that many Papers published that Nitin is engaging Fawad for his upcoming project and Nitin did not made any comment immediately that it is not true. But now as things has got worse between the two countries Nitin has clearly refused that he has not taken Fawad in the film.

When Nitin was asked that Papers are saying opposite to what he is saying, Nitin said, “Someone over enthusiastic wrote that. I am not making any urban love story with Fawad Khan. Nothing like that. We are still in the process of casting actors. Nothing concrete yet. And as soon as someone is signed, we will also announce. Right now speculations are being made.”