Noor Shuts Rumors Of Using Weight Loss Suplements

Many Pakistani celebrities have been falling prey to fake online news and rumors. The recent one to be effected is Noor Bukhari who managed to win over critics with her performance in Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal, is rumored to be using slimming supplements.

A Local Fashion blog, has openly claimed that Noor has used weight loss supplements because she was not satisfied with the response received from her latest film. Since then, the actress is receiving a lot of criticism from audiences for endorsing such an unhealthy method of getting slim.

Hip got in touch with Noor, to know what she has to say regarding the growing controversy. Noor shunned all claims Fashion Central has made so boldly in their feature regarding the slimming supplement. Noor told HIP she would never resort to such low measures just to shed pounds, and will take serious action against people using her name for petty publicity. Her television show was doing very well and she was satisfied with the acclaim she had been receiving for her role in Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal.

“Nobody should sell their ethics for petty news,” she said. It is often disturbing to see how a fake online news can create a mess.

Rimsha Butt