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Pakistani artist’s concept art of a sci-fi Pakistan is mesmerizing

Pakistan has a lot of sci-fi and fantasy fans and we are sure their dreams have come true now if they have ever wondered what Pakistan would look like in a sci-fi setting.

Omar Gilani, an illsustrator, designer, and concept artist from Lahore has a series of illustrations called ‘Pakistan+’ which shows how Pakistan would look like in a sci-fi setting.

Check out his mind blowing Pakistan+ series below:


Omar Gilani is an experimental artist who has combined sci-fi with the desi look of Pakistan.

He has an MSC and an MPhil in Mech Design & Robotics. He has also worked as a Mechanical Engineer.

Omar quit his career as a Mechanical engineer and decided to create art instead.

His clients include The British Council. Patari, United Nations Education Foundation, Save The Children and much more.

To see more of his work, check out his page: 

Or you can visit his website: