Pakistani Celebrities Pictures After Corona Virus Alert

Pakistani Celebrities Pictures After Corona Virus Alert

Novel Corona Virus that started from China and has now transformed into a pandemic. The center of corona virus is now converted from China to Europe. China has overcome corona virus after China, Italy is the most effected country from corona virus. The number of people who has died from corona virus in Italy has increased than the number of causalities in China because of corona virus. The reason before it is that Italy didn’t take the government warnings seriously and no precautionary measures were adopted by the people there. As a result now thousands of people are now effected in Italy because of the virus. And now when the virus has entered in Pakistan as well people her in Pakistan are also not ready to take it seriously. Government has announced holidays so that people stay at home and don’t interact with anyone and take care of their hygiene. Our stars on the other hand are also playing their part in raising awareness among people through social media. They are asking people to isolate themselves and to take care of their hygiene. Here we have pictures of our celebrities after corona virus alerts and their response towards it.

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