Pakistani Celebrities Who Fell From Grace

Most of the Pakistani celebrities work just as hard on their reputation as they do on their work. While some celebrities are not too bothered about how the public perceives them, the majority of them make sure that they stay non-controversial and are respected by the people at large. It is also a fact that a celebrity’s reputation apart from their work makes a huge difference to their overall image.

With social media things are more transparent than ever. There was a time when the private aspect of these celebrities’ lives did not get public. Now, many times even those private details of Pakistani celebrities are leaked or are provided to the public which would normally be hidden from them. When such private details are leaked, the public gets to see a side of these celebrities that they never thought existed. As a result of this, there is always a massive backlash on social media. Even after apologies and attempts to make amends, these Pakistani celebrities are not easily forgiven by the public.

Very often such situations have also raised questions regarding the private and public life of the celebrities. Also, it is a fact that such controversial and negative publicity unfortunately gets more attention from the media as well. It starts a chain reaction. Also, there is no doubt that the kind of expectations people attach to these celebrities increase the level of disappointment.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan tops this list not because the ugly truth revealed through his leaked videos was worse than the allegations of abuse against Ashfaque Satti whose name comes after him but because he is much more accomplished and respected than him! Rahat Fateh Ali does not only have a high standing of his own as a performer but he also has the responsibility of carrying a family name that has earned a great deal of respect in the music circles over decades.

He is also the most popular singer of his genre who has won international acclaim. Therefore, when his video in which he was violently hitting one of his employees went viral, it became the center of attention not just in Pakistan but also internationally. The detailed video showed a side of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan which people did not know existed. While the public had seen him earlier in another leaked video in a state that made the public question him this time around the matter was much worse.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Fell From Grace

Overnight, a celebrity who was hugely respected became the most criticized one. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s controversy blew up and that is when he decided to issue a public apology through a video that also came under public scrutiny. He tried to cover up his behavior by using the religious sentiments of the public. This attempt backfired. Since using drugs and alcohol is looked down upon in Pakistan, Rahat decided to cover that matter up instead of admitting that he was under the influence. Since he questioned the intelligence of the people by doing so, he was criticized even more.

Among all the Pakistani celebrities who fell from grace recently, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s fall will not be forgotten for a long time.

Ashfaque Satti

ARY News anchor who is known for hosting the show “Bakhabar Savera” was in deep waters when his wife Nomaika Ashaque shared pictures and details of domestic abuse which shocked everyone. Ashfaque Satti was a household name for ARY News followers and someone who was known for his clean reputation just as much as he was for his anchoring style.

Since Nomaika Ashfaque personally shared these details on different social media platforms, this made the information even more authentic and there was no room for debate. Many of the celebrities also supported her after this news went viral. Like most of the Pakistani celebrities who fell from grace recently, Ashfaque Satti was quick to tell his side of the story through a video message.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Fell From Grace

In this video message, he did not deny that he hit his wife but also showed ‘proof’ that his wife also hit him! Not only this, this video showed how he considered himself the victim. It had no apology but he said that this was his private matter. He also told people how hard he had worked to get where he was today and that it was not ‘fair’ to him that something ‘private’ was affecting everything he had worked for in all these years.

This video offended the public even more and he was suspended by ARY News as a result of the ongoing controversy. Ashfaque Satti fell from grace overnight as his reputation was destroyed and for the time being, so is his career!

Shoaib Malik & Sana Javed

Unlike the first two Pakistani celebrities on this list, the ex-captain of the Pakistani cricket team Shoaib Malik, and the well-known actress Sana Javed fell from grace instantly for announcing their wedding! The rumors of Shoaib Malik’s divorce were in the news for a few months now but Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza both decided not to disclose the news themselves. On the other hand, the well-known Pakistani star Sana Javed with whom Shoaib Malik got married was in the public’s eye still married to her first musician husband Umair Jaswal.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Fell From Grace

Therefore when on a Saturday morning, they decided to break the news of their nikkah, the public was in a state of utter shock. The fact that people were unsure about Shoaib Malik’s marital status with Sania Mirza raised many questions. Also, the fact that Sana Javed forgot to announce her divorce before announcing her second marriage made this marriage even more controversial. Even after they announced their marriage, they did not feel the need to formally inform the public about the details, especially regarding their previous marriage.

The public sided with the ex-spouses and both these celebrities were highly criticized. Unlike other celebrities in such a situation, they decided not to talk about it but on the other hand, went on posting news regarding Shoaib’s latest accomplishment as if nothing had happened. Since Shoaib is known internationally and his ex-wife was from India, the backlash he got transcended the Pakistani public.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Fell From Grace

Also, this was Shoaib Malik’s third marriage and his statements regarding his likeness for women went viral as well soon after he announced his marriage. A cricketer who was well-loved completely lost his reputation seemingly for something personal but more so because of the way he went about announcing this news. Apart from this, the news of their affair at a time when they were still married irked the public even more!

Pakistani Celebrities Who Fell From Grace

All of these Pakistani celebrities who fell from grace will have to work extra hard to prove themselves yet again to the people. Since the public had such huge expectations from them not just as performers but also as individuals, it will take people a long time to forget what they witnessed. The concept of public trial is real and where these celebrities stand today goes to show how important it is for them to keep their private life just as clean as their public life.


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