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Pakistani Celebrity Brides That Went For Simple Bridal Makeup

Actresses in general enjoy a huge fan following and Pakistani actresses are no different. Celebrities always gets appreciated when they carry themselves unconventionally and do not follow the norms. Celebrities in general always play a huge part in inspiring people, especially the younger fans who have impressionable minds. Every time our actresses and celebrities have done something different, they have always garnered a lot of appreciation for choosing to be different and breaking the norm – wedding is one such thing too. Every single time a celebrity gets married, they are watched closely by a huge number of people. This is the time when the celebrities get to show what they believe in and what they stand for.

Celebrities and their weddings are always a public affair where everyone feels a part of the wedding when the pictures are shared on the social media handles. Over the years, the industry has seen a lot of celebrity weddings and a lot of our actresses as beautiful gorgeous brides. Where some brides opted for traditional, heavy bridal glam, some actresses chose the simpler and fresher makeup looks to let their natural beauty shine through. It is absolutely subjective as to what kind of bride a girl wants to be. By the end of the day, it is purely about being happy and doing what a girl wants to do in order to feel and look beautiful, the way she wants to on the biggest day of her life.

In recent years, we have seen some gorgeous Pakistani actresses becoming brides and looking absolutely beautiful. However, this list is dedicated to those celebrity brides who opted for simpler and natural makeup looks and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane made a gorgeous bride in her minimal makeup look. Where Urwa Hocane focused a lot on wearing heavy bridal dresses, she kept her makeup look to an absolute minimum. On her nikkah which was held in Badshahi Masjid, she kept her look simple and let her natural beauty shine through. Nabila was responsible for giving softer bridal glam to Uwra Hocane on her special day. Urwa Hocane wore subtle golden eyeshadow with a lot of mascara on her eyes. She added peach blush-onto her cheeks and the similar tint to her lips. She added a lot of highlighter to give her a glow-from-within look. At Walima, Uwra once again went for a heavier off-shoulder bridal dress and statement jewellery but she kept her hair and makeup look softer again. This entire look was effortless and it let Urwa’s natural beauty shine through. A shimmery layer of lipstick, pink blush on and undetectable makeup on the eyes completed Urwa’s look.

Naimal Khawar

The recent talk of the town and well and truly loved Naimal Khawar floored everyone with her simplicity and charm. Naimal Khawar’s bridal looks were highly appreciated and everyone could not stop raving about how simple and gorgeous she looked. Naimal Khawar took everyone by surprise when she took it to Instagram and let everyone know that she did her hair and makeup herself on her Nikkah day. Naimal explained that for her, what mattered the most was the fact that she was happy and she wanted to just be herself and enjoy her big day the way she wanted to. Naimal Khawar did go to a makeup salon for her Valima but she still did not go for a heavy glam. Both the days, Naimal kept her bridal looks simple and fresh. On Nikkah, she side parted her hair and tied them in a bun. Her makeup look was mostly based on fresh glowing skin which she obviously achieved by wearing a lot of highlighters, however, her happiness also radiated on her skin. Naimal Khawar went for peachy eyeshadows, blush and glossy lips on both the days. She did do her brows a little which framed her face perfectly and brought definition to her overall look.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is also one of those celebrities who kept their makeup look absolutely simple. On her Mehndi and Nikah functions, she did not wear any makeup and looked like a doll. Saheefa showed that she was absolutely confident in her own skin, that is why she let it shine through. This made Saheefa’s look as well as pictures timeless. Considering the fact that Saheefa being a model had an access to best hair and makeup artists, she chose to stay simple and enjoy her special days the way she wanted to. Saheefa had an afternoon wedding and she made a gorgeous bride clad in pink choli lehenga. Saheefa went for a curly hairdo and opted for very simple blushed makeup look. She had a bit of pink eyeshade, pink blush and she went for a comparatively brighter pink lipstick. The smile in all of Saheefa’s pictures showed that she was not only a confident bride but she was a happy bride too who was absolutely comfortable in the kind of bridal look and glam that she chose for herself. Arms full of simple pink bangles and basic mehndi design were also a highlight of her bridal look.

Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed’s bridal look reminded us of the beautiful and simple brides from the olden era. Sanam Saeed went for simple jewellery, a very basic middle parted sleek hairstyle and a gorgeous vintage bridal dress which probably belonged to her mother. Sanam Saeed’s makeup look did include a winged eyeliner but the rest of her face makeup was simple and fresh. She didn’t have a lot going on her eyes. She wore pink shade of blush and a light pink lipstick. Sanam Saeed also had a day wedding and this basic and simple makeup look was appropriate. Sanam Saeed unfortunately got divorced but this happens to be one of the most beautiful memories of one of the top actresses of Pakistan. Sanam Saeed indeed made a simple and stunning bride.

Uroosa Qureshi

Uroosa Qureshi also explained in one of the interviews that she did her makeup herself. She and Bilal Qureshi had a very simple Nikkah ceremony with close friends and family who attended it. Uroosa also made a beautiful bride and she explained that she usually gravitates towards simplicity, that is why she wanted her bridal look to be all about that as well. Uroosa had her hair nicely tucked behind her ear and she went for a side parted hairstyle. Her makeup look was basic and fresh, with a light layer of foundation, a simple eyeliner, mascara and a pretty pink lipstick. Uroosa did her eyebrows too and wore light pink blush as well which gave her a fresh and radiant look. Uroosa Qureshi’s bridal look is not only simple but is absolutely beautiful too.

Syra Shehroz

Syra Shehroz got married at a young age and she chose to stay true to her age when she became a bride. She did not opt for such makeup look that would add to her age. Syra Shehroz had shorter hair when she had her Nikkah and she looked young and pretty. A simple eyeliner and pink lipstick completed Syra’s Nikkah Look. On her wedding, Syra did go for a bit of a glam but it was again kept on a softer and minimal side. The entire focus of her bridal look was on a thicker eyeliner and fluttery eyelashes. Syra wore simple design of diamond jewelry which looked classic and elegant. Syra went for a peachy pink lipstick absolutely appropriate for her age. She made a young and gorgeous bride.

What do you think about these gorgeous brides who went for simpler bridal looks. Please share your thoughts.

  • The only one who was truly simple was Sanam Saeed. The only ones who looked nice and not like prostitutes were Sanam Saeed and Syra Yousuf

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