Pakistani Christian Community Sings A National Song

Pakistan was created in the name of Islam but is also very tolerant and accepting of other religions. Our flag’s colors are green and white – the color green takes the major portion of the flag and represents the Muslims of Pakistan, while the colour white represents the minority religions and minority communities.

Our Christian brothers and sisters are as much Pakistanis as a Muslim Pakistani. Religion, caste or creed does not define nationality. They have the same patriotism with Pakistan as a Muslim Pakistani and you can see their patriotism in a national song they sang for the 70th Anniversary of their beloved country:

This cover is being greatly appreciated on social media.

Quaid-e-Azam once said “There is no power that can undo Pakistan” and that can only be true if we all stick together as a united nation. A very Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis, especially our minority communities!


Arsala Khalid