Pakistani Dramas 2023 – Hits, Misses & Fan Favorites

Pakistani dramas have come a long way in the past few years. The year 2023 is drawing to a close and looking back at this year I can say with confidence that this was a productive year for the Pakistani drama industry. There were a number of remarkable dramas that broke stereotypes. Compiling a list of these noteworthy Pakistani dramas was, in itself, a testament to the revival of Pakistani television.

Not all of these dramas managed to stay true to the standard they set in the first 10 weeks or so therefore many of the dramas did not make it to the best list. However, since 2023 brought with it a diverse array of dramas that offered substance therefore I will be adding those Pakistani dramas in this list as well under a different subtitle.

The absolute best Pakistani dramas are obviously those that captivated audiences with their exceptional storytelling, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes. These were the kind of dramas that transcended mere entertainment, leaving a lasting impression and perhaps even reshaping the landscape of the Pakistani dramas.

Here is the recap of Pakistani Dramas 2023:

Best Pakistani Dramas 2023

Jannat Se Aagay

Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Haseeb Hassan
Channel: Geo Entertainment

Jannat Se Aagay has made its way to the top of the list because of obvious reasons. It is the comeback by Umera Ahmed that most of us have been waiting for. Compelling storyline, unpredictable script, meaningful and most of all engaging right till the end – Jannat Se Aagay definitely deserves a spot on the top of this list for all these reasons. Apart from novelty and quality script, performances, etc. another aspect of this drama that cannot be overlooked is its entertainment value. Jannat Se Aagay was one such drama this year that has kept my interest alive and even now after all these weeks, I find myself looking forward to it more than any other drama.

Although Jannat Se Aagay is not picture perfect if you are a Umera Ahmed fan who loves her classic writing style, Jannat Se Aagay is a must-watch. I feel that a drama that starts out slow but picks up pace and momentum, later on, is better than dramas that start with a bang but lose their momentum after a few episodes.

Kabli Pulao

Writer: Zafar Mairaj
Director: Kashif Nisar
Channel: Green TV Entertainment

Kabli Pulao was one of those Pakistani dramas in 2023 that literally changed the entire dynamic of Pakistani dramas. Starting from its first episode right up till now Kabli Pulao broke stereotypes by providing the perfect entertainment for those viewers who prefer watching dramas that are out of the box. There is a reason why Kabli Pulao did not make it to the top of the list. I personally feel that the story lost its momentum in between and the over-emphasis on Ghaffar and Chammo made it difficult for me to sit through some of the episodes.

This drama, overall, has an exceptional storyline and script. Kashif Nisar has given impeccable treatment to Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena’s unusual love story. The phenomenal performances of the lead and supporting cast will also be remembered for a long time. Kabli Pulao definitely set the bar high and it could have been the absolute best had the producers kept it shorter and focused entirely on the main track.


Writer & Director: Mohsin Ali
Channel: Express TV

Although Razia was a mini-series and not a drama serial it deserves to be on this list because of its impressive script and the impact it had on the audience. We have watched many dramas recently and in the past that highlighted the plight of women, Razia established a high precedent by addressing every minor and major problem faced by women in Pakistani society. The writer’s thought-provoking and no-nonsense approach definitely took us all by surprise. This script can easily be termed as the most pleasant and impactful surprise of 2023.

Even though Razia had some really strong contenders this year, it managed to stand out. Razia also brought forward new actors who left a lasting impression on the viewers. Razia is the story of resilience which should not be missed since it set a new trend for Pakistani dramas.

Jeevan Nagar

Writer: Awais Ahmed
Director: Kashif Nisar
Channel: Green TV Entertainment

Jeevan Nagar is another one of those 2023 Pakistani dramas that has managed to hold my interest up until now even though the story has taken so many unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes it is difficult to wrap my head around these unforeseen changes but they keep me coming back for more. Sohail Ahmed’s performance and Kashif Nisar’s direction are two of the most impressive features of the drama. Jeevan Nagar is a creation of the writer’s imagination; an out-of-the-box idea executed brilliantly by the director. This drama also makes the most of Sohail Ahmed’s exceptional acting skills. It is one of the few Green Entertainment dramas I still tune into and am never disappointed.


Writer: Adeel Razzaq
Director: Ahmed Bhatti
Channel: ARY Digital

Sar-e-Rah was one of those mini-series this year that proved to be a breath of fresh air. The writing, execution, and performances were on point throughout. Sar-e-Rah also had a brand new approach. Each episode had a new character that represented a specific section of the society. It is always great to watch dramas that empower women and Sar-e-Rah was one such attempt that was a success.

Saba Qamar’s exceptional performance and beautiful cinematography added to the overall appeal of Sar-e-Rah. Muneeb Butt also got a chance to showcase his variation as an actor through the role he played in this series. This mini-series proved that a streamlined and focused approach in the production of such issue-based Pakistani dramas can lead to a more potent and resonant storytelling experience.
Pakistani Dramas 2023 – Hits, Misses & Fan Favorites

Other Notable Pakistani Dramas 2023

There were many Pakistani dramas this year that brought with them novelty. These dramas revolved around subject matters that have rarely been of interest to writers and producers. Unfortunately, many of these dramas were over-stretched, leading to a failure in sustaining the viewers’ interest. While rounding off drama discussion this year these dramas surely deserve acknowledgment because of their content and certain other aspects. These dramas could have delivered but they fell short of expectations because of the reasons mentioned below:


Writer: Kashif Anwar
Director: Shahzad Kashmiri
Channel: Hum TV

Neem was an exceptional drama for almost 10 weeks and then it turned into a complete train wreck. Zimal’s decision to marry her husband off, the change in Shazil’s character, and Ashhad finding fortune were the worst twists and turns in a drama that could have been an all-out hit for many reasons. The writer had good intentions but he completely failed to keep the story on track after a few episodes. However, the good thing is that Neem ended on a good note.

It is rather unfortunate that a drama with a different script that set out to highlight the importance of education and educators went off track the way it did. However, Mawra Hocane deserves tons of appreciation for breathing life into Zimal. And after watching this serial, I am waiting to see more of Mawra and Ameer Gillani.


Writer: Asma Nabeel
Director: Najaf Bilgrami
Channel: ARY Digital

Pinjra was another one of those promising Pakistani dramas of 2023 that I watched with high hopes. This was Asma Nabeel’s last script which she was not able to complete therefore Pinjra’s script was completed by other writers. The first few episodes of the drama were fast-paced and the storyline was anything but run-of-the-mill. It showed how parental neglect and undue pressures on children affect their self-esteem and can have catastrophic consequences.

However, just like other ‘notable dramas’ from 2023, this one was stretched to a point that even an ardent follower such as myself lost interest and had to make a conscious effort to stay connected to the story. The drama also ended up being too dark and depressing. In my opinion, the purpose of this drama could have been fulfilled in a more effective manner if the makers decided to keep it short and to the point.

Kuch Ankahi

Writer: Mohammad Ahmed
Director: Nadeem Baig
Channel: ARY Digital

Kuch Ankahi was another Pakistani drama this year which aimed to provide quality entertainment. Just like Neem and Pinjra, the writer had the best intentions and Kuch Ankahi did manage to raise some interesting questions as well. It also defied many stereotypes right from the get-go. However, I personally felt that the writer’s attempt to highlight too many issues in a single drama fell flat.

Unlike Razia which managed to do so with precision, Kuch Ankahi left a lot to be desired. Apart from this, the repetition and the slow pace of this drama took away the entertainment factor. Despite my sincere efforts to follow Kuch Ankahi, the series failed to captivate my interest.

Jhok Sarkar

Writer: Hashim Nadeem
Director: Saife Hassan
Channel: Hum TV

It won’t be wrong to say that the writer Hashim Nadeem and the actors Farhan Saeed and Asif Raza Mir were the main reasons why many viewers tuned into Jhok Sarkar. Jhok Sarkar’s story revolves around a power struggle in a feudal setting. What sets it apart from other dramas with the same theme is the role of the main lead; a committed police officer set out to make a difference. Even though Jhok Sarkar has all the right ingredients, personally, I never warmed up to it. For me, Hiba Bukhari was the weakest link in the drama and the production values leave a lot to be desired.


Writer: Likhari
Director: Bilawal Hussain Abbasi
Channel: Express TV

Guru was another drama serial this year that had the most promising start. Even though Guru lost its initial appeal as the story moved to a different direction and was stretched needlessly, it is still a drama that I follow and there are still some aspects of it that are heart-warming. This drama has an unusual storyline just like all the other dramas in the ‘notable’ category but the story lost its initial spark within a few weeks therefore it did not make it to the best list. However, Guru has changed the way viewers perceive Ali Rehman as an actor.

22 Qadam

Writer: Zeeshan Ilyas
Director: Anjum Shehzad
Channel: Green TV Entertainment

Like many other Pakistani dramas airing on Green Entertainment 22 Qadam is another drama with an unorthodox storyline. The drama shows how a young girl’s enthusiasm, love, and knack for cricket lead to a journey towards the accomplishment of her dreams. This drama is notable and deserves acknowledgement because of the main plot which is unlike any other. While Hareem Farooq has given her character her best and has made it likable, there isn’t much to like about the other characters. Even an actor such as Wahaj Ali does not stand out in 22 Qadam.

This could easily have been a remarkable mini-series with so many refreshing aspects. However, it does not have enough content or substance to be on air for as long as it has been on air. This was one of those dramas I was genuinely rooting for yet I find myself forwarding much of what is being shown and hoping for a decent ending soon at this point.

Tumharey Husn Kay Naam

Writer: Sara Qayyum / Story & Screenplay: Umera Ahmed
Director: Saqib Khan
Channel: Green TV Entertainment

Tumharey Husn Kay Naam is another drama that falls into the notable category primarily because of its writing and overall feel. I did not initially warm up to Tumharey Husn Kay Naam perhaps because of the fact that the main lead was extremely unconvincing for the roles they were playing and the pace of the story. Once the story moved forward and our protagonists stepped into real life, things definitely started getting more interesting.

Like many other Umera Ahmed’s concepts, Tumharey Husn Kay Naam deals with the human psyche and interactions. The reason why Tumharey Husn Kay Naam did not make it to the top list is that some of the performances and the overall execution are not always up to the mark. Also, it is not the kind of drama that will cater to everyone’s taste because it has an old-school feel to it.


Writer: Kashif Anwar
Director: Shahzad Kashmiri
Channel: Green TV Entertainment

The ‘notable’ list will be incomplete without Nauroz because this drama started off so strong that I was convinced it was going to make it to the best category effortlessly. However, just like many of the other dramas on the list once it went off track, there was no going back! Nauroz highlighted the pros and cons of social media in an unconventional manner. It also had the best beginning which was the perfect combination of mystery and entertainment.

However, the writer completely lost the plot in the middle by trying too hard to tackle too many issues. Like many other dramas written by Kashif Anwar, Nauroz had a great beginning and a decent end but it lost its essence and entertainment value in between.


Writer: Shah Yasir
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Channel: Geo Entertainment

Jurm was another mini-series this year which cannot be overlooked. It was the first mini-series of its kind which had it all – drama and mystery. Jurm also marked Mehreen Jabbar’s comeback to television and she made her presence felt. However, Jurm’s underwhelming end was the worst part of this series. A series that delivered every single week left me completely disappointed in the end. It was the kind of last episode that actually made me feel as if I had completely wasted my time watching this series.


Writer: Qurban Ali Rao
Director: Anjum Shehzad
Channel: Green TV Entertainment

Jindo took experimentation to a whole new level with not just a different story but by introducing characters we do not normally see in dramas. Jindo is another powerful story about women’s empowerment set in an area where men have the final say. This is Humaima Malick’s comeback play which makes her intentions pretty clear; she wants to be taken seriously as a performer!

While Jindo’s idea and script are novel, the drama is not faultless. The execution and some of the performances are not entirely up to the mark. There are however many actors who have impressed the viewers with their powerful performances in the drama. The language barrier is another reason why Jindo did not get as much attention and popularity as some of the other novel dramas.

Meher Mah 

Write: Akhtar Qayyum
Director: Najaf Bilgrami
Channel: Express TV

Meher Mah has an interesting plot and some of the most refreshing supporting characters. It starts off with mystery and intrigue and continues to deliver. This was one of my favorite dramas until like most of the ‘notable’ dramas this year, it lost its charm due to unnecessary dragging. The story has taken an interesting turn in the past few weeks therefore anyone who gave up on this one can definitely tune into it now.

Pakistani Dramas 2023 – Hits, Misses & Fan Favorites

Fan Favorite Pakistani Dramas 2023

Tere Bin

Writer: Nooran Makhdoom
Director: Siraj-ul-Haq
Channel: Geo Entertainment

Tere Bin was the ultimate fan favorite in 2023 which is why it is on top in this particular category. Unlike many other Geo Entertainment dramas that get ratings from a specific group of viewers, Tere Bin was literally an all-out success among drama buffs. It was the most talked-about drama after Mere Pass Tum Ho. Tere Bin’s organic success added to Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi’s fandom. It was a drama serial that aired for 58 weeks owing to its popularity. Even though it was stretched beyond the limit, the fans did not give up on it right till the last episode.

Personally, every time I tuned into Tere Bin I was left wondering why these viewers were so invested in the drama! I am still confused about the Tere Bin fandom! Should I be tuning into Tere Bin now? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Baby Baji

Writer: Mansoor Ahmed Khan
Director: Tehseen Khan
Channel: ARY Digital

Baby Baji was another fan favorite this year which gave the viewers a great deal to discuss and look forward to and that too for 65 weeks. Rarely do soap serials get as much success as Baby Baji did. The fact that this was a family drama definitely added to its appeal. The viewers’ love for Baby Baji added to Samina Ahmed’s popularity. Javeria Saud’s performance in a negative role also won the fans over. Baby Baji also had fans from different age groups because of the main storyline of the drama.

Mayi Ri

Story & Concept: Sana Fahad
Director: Meesam Naqvi
Channel: ARY Digital

Mayi Ri was criticized, loved, followed, and discussed to an extent that it literally proved to be a game changer for many of the stars who played leading roles in the drama. It was a major breakthrough for Aina Asif and Samar Jaffry. Mayi Ri also proved to be the perfect comeback drama for Maya Khan.

Most viewers tuned into Mayi Ri because they were certain that the drama would highlight the problems related to child marriage. However, the content of the drama turned out to be quite controversial and many of the viewers felt that it was glorifying child marriage. Even with all the criticism, the drama had a massive fan following. There were many fans who defended the storyline and did not find it problematic.

I watched a few episodes of the serial and watched many of the clips and never found it interesting enough to seriously tune into it. Also, some of the clips I watched were disturbing and they did suggest that the issue was not tackled sensitively. The public however gave its verdict through social media platforms and the ratings spoke for themselves. This was one of the few soap serials this year that turned out to be more popular than many of the other dramas on the channel.

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha

Writer: Sidra Sehar Imran
Director: Badar Mehmood
Channel: ARY Digital

The initial appeal of Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha lay in its captivating original soundtrack and the stellar ensemble cast. Since Wahaj Ali was at the top of his game when this drama aired, his fan following was one of the few reasons many viewers tuned into the drama. Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha was a fan favorite even though in my opinion it was a complete waste of star power. It was also one of those dramas I tried to watch but the weak script made it impossible for me to take Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha seriously!

Jaisay Aapki Marzi

Writer: Naila Jaffri
Director: Saba Hameed
Channel: ARY Digital

Among the current dramas, Jaisay Aapki Marzi is another fan favorite. It isn’t just another one of those dramas that is getting the ratings but it is one many women viewers in particular can relate to. Each episode of the drama is followed by discussions on social media. Even though there is a lot of repetition already, Jaisay Aapki Marzi definitely keeps you hooked as long as you don’t approach it with a critical perspective. Many of the women who have been in similar situations as Alizey are finding the scenarios extremely relatable and some of the performances have won the viewers over. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Kiran Naz’s performances definitely stand out as exceptional.

Pakistani Dramas 2023 – Hits, Misses & Fan Favorites

Final Remarks

Honestly speaking, when I set out to compile this list, I was certain that I would have many names to add in the ‘best’ category. But as it turns out, yet again, even with all the novelty and variations that Pakistani dramas offered this year, there were few dramas that made it to the ‘best’ list since this list obviously comprises dramas that struck a chord with me throughout or for the most part. However, it was definitely refreshing watching so many different themes in dramas this year.

There were also so many dramas that made it to the notable list for the reasons stated above which basically gives hope that the writers and producers are headed in the right direction. To sum up, we need more mini-series or dramas that end in 12 weeks because most of the dramas in the notable list only lost their spark and direction because they were stretched. At the end of the day not only is content the king but the way this content keeps the viewers glued is the determining factor.

Do share your thoughts about the Pakistani dramas of 2023. Which ones made it to your ‘best’ list and which ones in your opinion missed their mark?

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Wow! I enjoyed reading the well-rounded coverage of all the major dramas. it’s like taking a walk down the memory lane. Jannat se aagay definitely stands out, showcasing Umera Ahmed’s classic style. It is refreshing to see the focus on women empowerment in many dramas this year, a positive shift. Pyari Mona was a letdown, and Tere Bin was indeed overrated. I wouldn’t give it another shot. Maybe other readers will have different opinions.

    Some names I would add to the list … Wabaal provided entertainment, and Meri Shehzadi was unique but a bit lengthy. Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri wasn’t all that bad either. And what about Fairytale did you watch it? Your list helped me decide what to watch. Compiling all the dramas into a single article was a smart decision. Thank you for this, I look forward to more lists in the future!

  • Wonderful list and I agree with it.

    JSA was a surprise package since I thought no drama can overtake KP, but it quickly became the best drama on-air today. JSA is quite an unconventional Umera Ahmed script because in her past dramas, although well-written, dealt a little in blacks and whites (QeT) but not only does she paint such exquisite grey pictures of ambitious women, she also redeems them and makes them so sympathetic. Its truly a gift for UA’s fans.

    KP, I agree became prolonged for Chammo & Ghaffar, but I am glad that Chammo had had her senses back. Its gentle storytelling along with Kashif Nisar’s raw direction makes this drama a genuine and unglamorous experience.

    In fan-favourites, I’d add Fairy Tale because in the sea of grey moralities, FT is a simple feel-good entertainment with a good fanbase. MGM also deserves a spot because although not a masterpiece, it was a really good drama with fresh cast and good storytelling. Loved to see another list by you!!

  • Fascinating selection of dramas, Fatima.In contrast to the previous year, I’ve watched majority of the dramas featured in your list this year. Isn’t it amazing how Jannat Se Aagay took over as the drama which is on the top of the best dramas list, quite unexpected for me. I agree with you 100 percent.The on-screen presentation of this concept is so well-executed.I’ve watched Razia twice, it’s another outstanding drama. The writer hit the nail on its head and that too repeatedly, I am sure you get what I mean! Thank you for this piece, enjoyed reading it.

  • JSA ko criticise karne wale bheee ye baat kehne per majboor hohate hain k ye drama buhut engaging hai…. it has hooked audience since start with different storyline and powerful acting. Last two episodes and public continue making guess-work. Two episodes per week ne maza dobara kerdiya.

  • Greetings Fatima, it’s been quite a while. While looking for Pakistani dramas to watch, I stumbled upon this article of yours. I’ve viewed numerous dramas that you assessed in your article and must say that for the most part I agree with you. Please make another list about guilty pleasures. It is reassuring to observe that even in this day and age,reviewit remains dedicated to delivering unbiased and truthful evaluations unlike many other websites busy promoting and pleasing certain celebrities. Putting KP second was brave of you!

    Have you seen Mere Ban Jao? It had a promising start but it was strecthed like many dramas you mentioned in your article. Although it started as a guilty pleasure, it became increasingly irritating by the middle. Wabaal and Ehsan Faramosh were guilty pleasures for me. As you can see I am looking forward to the guilty pleasures list LOL!! Keep writing. I will continue checking reviewit for more quality content. Blessings.