Pakistani Dramas with similar stories

Local channels have opened new doors of entertainment for the viewers who have had been limited to the national channels if you look 15 years back. These days when we get tired of changing channels but the list doesn’t comes to an end, It must be admitted that Pakistani Media has also been flourished  in the last decade. Having more opportunities to show their talents, artists find themselves in a safer position, having a good list of options to choose as their next project. However, as a viewer, if you sit and analyze about where our drama industry is heading towards, you will notice that almost every next project is a replica of a previous hit.

By saying so, I do not mean in any way that the industry is not producing or rather introducing new storylines, in fact, a variety of dramas that have just launched or are about to, are capable of attracting huge audience on the basis of their uniqueness.

While I was going through the bestselling dramas, I found the following dramas partially following the same storyline as other hit dramas of the industry. Have a look!

Marrying Sisters

The trend that I saw starting from “Singhaar” where Humayun Saeed married his Wife(Sadia Imam’s) sister (Amna Haq) is now one of the hottest cakes in our industry. After Maat, which was taken open arms by the viewers, it seems that no brother-in-laws are trustable and no sisters have the decency to respect her sister’s happily married life on screen.


“Yahan pyaar nahi hai” is another example of the same story where the husband ill-treats his wife and marries his sister-in-law, not thinking about the children. It is strange to see that the same actor in his next project, “Madiha Maliha” has followed the same line. The end of such stories is also similar where the husbands repent their decisions and leave their second wife for the first one and the cycle continues.




I wonder if any story would ever survive without introducing an affair of the husband or the wife. Whether it be Ijazat, Doraha, Sitamgar, Na Kaho tum mere nahi,etc, no husband is sincere to his wife in most of the new projects. As a matter of fact, yes, the third party involvement often breaks the fragile bond of marriage but even in most of the cases, the husband and wife are sincere to each other in real life.


The Saas Bahu tension


Mother-in-laws are not always that wicked as they are been portrayed these days. Aik tammana lahasil, and Saba Hameed’s role both seems quite away from the reality. Bilquees Kuar and Humsafar also reflected the evilness of mother-in-laws but that was a part of the story and not all the story revolved around it. It is soon to have Aik nayi cindrella in the list too. As a viewer, I would like to see something out of the scope in coming days.

The Old Lovers-New Affairs


If it is not the sister luckily then an old friend or an old lover for sure, Bari Apa being an example! As we can see similar story in Na kaho tum mere nahi, it is evident that the past never remains a past, at least not in our dramas.

Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi

Pakistan’s actors have a lot of potential to portray any given role, however the scripts of the industry need a proofread and a new angle to re-establish our drama industry.  Share your views about it.

Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi


  • midhat

    ufffffffffhhhhhhhh……..aik daaammmm fit article hy nida lush yar

    • nida_zaidi

      Hey Midhat, πŸ™‚ you made my day buddy , its always a pleasure to find that the most precious and old visitors like your efforts πŸ™‚

      • midhat

        i aways received good articles by ur sight and hope so on…….

  • kiwi

    yes absolutely right nadia…good review ..another topic that has been prominent is accusations on a girl of being badkirdaar for personal gain humsafar,maaye ni,meri zaat zarrae benishaan,ek tamanna lahasil si,mere qatil mere dildar,and innumerous more….we pakistanis should realize and give ample importance to izzat of a girl as it is no joking matter to play with someones izzat and easily say falana is badkirdaar.

    • nida_zaidi


  • abeer

    yeah very true…..when promos come of dramas they looks great because of obvuoisly talented cast……
    we becomes excited to see them but when drama started uff similar stories broke hearts…..especily now a days two sisters stories…..yahan pyar nahi hai,madiha maliha,meri ladli,meri behan maya,ashk ,aks,meri behan meri dewarani…uffffffffffff …….i am fed up of same stories…n yes extra maritial affairs n divorce stories also….stop copying same toppics plzzzzzzz

    • nida_zaidi

      Abeer, lets hope for a change, we did our part πŸ™‚ we did raise a voice against it, hope that the authorities notice this

  • Maheen

    Yes. I would like our dramas to start tackling more serious issues too, like sexual abuse in families, as well as violence against women. Dramas are an incredible platform to educate Pakistanis in Pakistan and abroad about how to fight what is wrong and stand up for what is right. If we want a better Pakistani, dramas are the way to reach the broadest audience at this moment. We can tackle hot button issues by featuring the issue in a subtle but intelligent way. We should also make sure to have inspiring and positive characters who embody the good we want people to come away with.

    • shehnilaz

      this is what PTV used to do. Ranjish drama's plot revolved around a lady who accuses her brother in law that he tried to rape her (in this case brother in law was innocent)

      PTV drama dhuwaan's plot revolves around the story of an honest police officer. How he deals with the criminals and how he has to face hurdles to eliminate crime in his area.

      PTV drama Zard dopahar's plot revolves around the secret agencies' role in pakistani politics

      PTV drama Marvi's plot revolves around a young woman who comes to study in city from a small village and how villagers are suspicious of her character. The difficulties that are usually faced by girls living in student hostels are so beautifully portrayed

      PTV drama Nijaat, plot revolves around a woman giving birth every year. This was an attempt to reduce population growth in Pakistan

      Sadly its the people who have to decide what they want to watch. With the sucess of these dramas it seems people don't want intelligent stuff on tv. They are really proving that TV is indeed an idiot box

  • rani

    pak dramas r great n must g on in the same way.we need to value our actress by encouraging is mandatory 4 our country.

  • sun

    love dramas.

  • ina

    very nice article….aww waiting for it thank god some one spoke about it i am starting to get bored of the damas airing nowadays repetaive subjectsand portrael of characters simmilar stories and so on
    mohabbat jaye bhar maen is some what different very well done mjbm team.

    • nida_zaidi

      Ina πŸ™‚ Thank you

  • kiran khan

    sabh dramay phirrrrrrrrrrr say yaktaniyat ka shikaar

  • kiran khan

    oh yes mohabbst jaye bhar men is a good dark comedy and it is a good example of thinking out of the box

  • sonu

    you r sooooooooooooo right nida nice one its about time plz write more about that issue

    • nida_zaidi

      Thanks Sonu, Would definitely plan another write up soon

  • Sara

    Absolutely right…i hve request plz upload videos of samjhota express serial of ptv….it will aware youth abt indians attitude..

    • nida_zaidi

      Ok Sara, your message has surely reached the admin here, you will soon find the uploads

  • er1

    i agree

  • Sania


    • nida_zaidi

      Thank you Sania πŸ™‚

  • saba

    absolutely right

  • Abdulwaheed

    Btw… DORAHA? :/ How come and when did they had an extra marital affair? Did you even watch it for once before passing this judgement? :/

  • sami

    a very good article. 1 more thing.. almost 90% of dramas r showing "Talaq". they shud try something different n condemn such thingz.

    • nida_zaidi

      Sami, Thank you brother for liking the efforts, Yes, the media should condemn divorce by reflecting the adverse effects that are an added feature of this.

  • amigo

    no u r not 100% true..tum agar sirf similarities he ki search karoge to tumhai wahi to melai ge…mehmaan,meri zaat zarrae baineshaan,tanhayyia,laag,naseeb,daaame rasaael..mai b keh sakta hu k nahi different stories hai is tarah ki chand mesaalai dai kar….agar insaano mai similarities hosakti hai to pir un se jurai har cheez mai similarities hosakti hai…hamarai mulk mai bhi to wohi halaat hai.bad unwaania,baisharmi,dhoka,modernism,islam se doori,chori ,dhaka,,aor ye same he aa raha dramai b same inhi same muaasharti burayyo bar bani ge..ab agar america khush hai to daiko un k paas aisai topic hai he nahi..wo har pal new technologies par based filmai bana rahi hai…jab ham b behtar ho jaengai ..tabdeeeli aajae ge to dramo mai bhi tabdeeli aa jae ge…

  • Zarna!n

    I agree with ur article nida. πŸ™‚ Criticism is very imp for the production of better quality plays.but i request u to write an article on the dramas that are based on unique storylines because they deserve some words of appreciation.u will get alot material to write on that our industry is full of potential mashAllah.

    • nida_zaidi

      Hey Zarna!n,
      Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  • T.S.Bindra

    TALAAK has become a big joke in most of the dramas.

  • FatimaAwan

    Sidra I respect your opinion but The article has been written by Nida Zaidi and next time you have an uncontrollable urge to criticize me at least do it under one of my articles:)

    • Mrs Asim

      lol really funny. nigahain kaheen ,nishana kaheen. may be she wrote'Fatima' by mistake, coz u didnt compare plays I think:)

      • FatimaAwan

        Yes Mrs. Asim I have never done comparisons, someone who follows what I write would know that:)

    • Sidra

      sorry fatima i wrote your name by mistake. actually i did not read the name of the writer. sorry once again.

      • FatimaAwan

        no problem at all πŸ™‚

  • Graceful

    Nida I will not go with all points of your review about Pakistani Dramas. Yes they are flourishing and viewers are enjoying. One thing I will point out in Many Pakistani Drama Serials, that when artist performs dialogs the back ground music must be at minimum level.In many drama serials in which The famous Music Composer Waqar Ali have compose the music ,I have feel that This gentleman plays back ground music louder than dialogs, that suppress the voice of artist. If with your courtsy my message can be heard by fellow music composers of Pakistani dramas.This will help for even better performance of any thing.

    • Umetalal

      Absolutely correct. Many times we have all failed to understand what the actor is saying because of background music. Directors need to be careful.

  • benu

    yah all same and one is kind of remake of aahat drma of sania saeed and remake is dagh which is currentlly on air


    I totally agree with your article. Creativity needs time and writers do not have time for that nowadays. It looks like cut, paste and replace commands are being used in writing new drama scripts. There are a lot of topics and issues out there to be shown to public but again it needs time and no one wants to spend time. This is another reason why people are watching foreign dramas to see if there is anything new in them.

  • Ann

    the other girl in yahan pyar nhi ha, was not Saba Qamar's sister, but cousin

    • nazia

      iss mein "maat " aur " aitraf" shiuld be added … marrying the sisters

  • sidra usman

    good article keep on going nida

  • zarmina

    pakistan me srf drama industry e to acha kam kr rhi h ab usky b peechy par gy ho hd h yr kbi to apny mulk ko appecia8 kr liya kro…….um nt goin to praise dat article…

  • Khurram

    true Infact if someone isnt a regular viewer he/ she cannot differentiate between most plays For example a new drama featuring saba qamar has started dont remember its name but when i saw it first time i thought i was watching Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahin Just few actors and directors have monopoly so lack of fresh faces and ideas… even locations r same The house shown in Maat has been used in dozen dramas by hum tv… i think this lack of freshness will harm the drama industry in long run and probably its the main reason that turkish dramas entered our homes….

  • drama lover

    I have to agree with you Nida that Pakistani script writers need to write more challenging stories. However, the
    problem maybe in how the directors portray that story and the freedom the actor has to bring it alive. I don't think the average Pakistani is ready for touchy feely dramas due to the conservative nature of Pakistani society. I'm not condoning sex scenes take place or that female actresses walk around half naked, but to portray a strong story line, you need to give the actors room to maneuver which i feel they don't have. For example actors and actresses who portray a married couple may now hold hands or the husband jokingly grabs his bashful wife's arm to show his affections for her. Instead, what if the actor kissed the female actress on the forehead and gave her a cuddle to show the viewers the love he has for his wife. What a strong message that scene would get across and would it be so wrong???
    We can use this example across many different stories, whether its portraying domestic abuse or a rags to riches story. If it's acted with taste, then its always an enjoyable watch. However if the director is just using sexual scenes to get his own kicks then unfortunately, this comes out vulgar on screen too.
    So in conclusion, we need challenging scripts but I also believe we need to give actors space to bring stories alive rather than just exchanging dialogues with each other.