Pakistani Female Celebrities with most beautiful eyes!


Shaded lenses and an expensive eye makeup can make anyone look good by making their eyes the most beautiful feature.  It has been said that eyes sometimes reveal more than the words or expressions can and when it comes to the entertainment industry, acting needs much of this beauty. Here are a few of actresses that possess beautiful eyes which are loved and adored by their followers.

Note:  The list is based on my personal judgment; there is no intention of ranking any celebrity on the basis of their features!

mahira khan eyesSyra YousufSunita marshalsanam baloch Mehreen SYED sajjal ali resham saba qamar ayesha khan amina sheikh

So that was my list of most beautiful eyes that we see on screen, Share your views and add any if you have some examples in your mind.


Nida Zaidi

  • AAA

    mahira has beautiful eyes

  • aqsa

    like syra. mahira and amna

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    I think ainie jaafri and aminah haq are missed her, both have very prominent eyes. also resham is a very good actor, but her eyes are much small,

  • fanni

    Yes Resham ki aakhein bhoot choti hain.but she is great performer

  • Hammu

    I would like to include Annie Jaffery and Sanam Saeed.They both have big and attractive eyes.

  • hoorya

    where iz sanam jung ?
    sajal ali got the most beautiful eyez <3

  • mahwash

    resham eyes nd beautiful…………plz check ur eyesight again lolzzz
    all others have gt really beautiful eyes bt nt resham….bt annie jafery 2 hs gt nice eyes.nd ayeza khan

  • rubia

    resham's eyes dnt deserve to b called beautiful
    Aiza khaan n
    arij fatyma's eyes r also so beautiful:) M.A

    • aisha

      yup u r right

    • aminah

      yUP! you are right

  • razla

    Come n man….sanam saeed eyes r also really really beautiful…..she should be in this list after mahira…..bohat fazool kam krty ho ap log jb pta nhe hota tw article likhny ke zarorat kya har

  • Mari

    Atiqa odho had the best eyes… Hands down and sanam baloch, rest of the list is SO so

  • sadiqian


  • Aiman

    Annie Jafrey, Neelum Munir , Sanam jang , Armina Rana Khan & Aiza r missing…

  • Maheen

    saba qamar ki tu ankhain ek dusre se match nahi karteen..she is a squint..

  • LubnaRashid

    AYESHA KHAN AND SABA QAMAR are beautiful 🙂

  • parsa

    i think sanam jhang hes most beautyful nd cute eyes …

    • Mrs.Tariq

      savera nadeem's eyse also

    • hoorya

      he :O

  • Urva.M

    Everyone has pretty eyes. How can anything that Allah created be ugly or not beautiful? Think about it… 🙂

  • Maria

    How could you miss sanam saeed when talking about beautiful eyes? Mahira , Saba qamar, and sajjal have genuinely beautiful eyes rest are Thanx to lenses and make up

    • Amna

      amina sheikh has very expressive eyes

    • aaliyaan

      sb make up ka kamal hy

  • saad

    where is Iman Ali…….she has very beautiful eyes

  • Noor.u.k

    Saba Qamar

  • ridz naqvi


  • kiran malik

    aisha khan hs the most beautiful eyes

  • Hoorya

    humaima malik shud also b in this list
    she has awesome eyezzzzzzzzz <3

    • Aamir Hussain

      i totaly agree with you she has vry attractive eyes ……

  • fratz

    waow…how much beautiful eyes resham and amina sheikh have! writer come out of ur dreams! sorry to say.

  • javaria

    Aysha Khan should be listed first..itni choti akhein hay resham ky..faltu ky judgement 😛

  • Amna

    I love Amina sheikh's eyes and i noticed them after Humayun saeed's character said so in Ishq gumshuda. She has very expressive eyes. Snam saeed has beautiful eyes but i think i just love her acting so i love everything about her and same with Sanam Baloch. both of these actresses really use their eyes to act and that's why they are so brilliant. Savera nadeem has naturally beautiful eyes too.


    Ye Ankhy 1 Din Marwy Gi Mahira Khan . . . . .

  • Lawangeen

    Sajjal Ali…has amazing pretty eyes…

  • Afaq

    Resham ki ankyen hain………….??? Hahaaaaaaaaaa

  • hoorya

    eye to eyeee 😀 😛

  • sadaf

    Ayesha khan has the most beautiful eyes

  • humayoon Siddique

    Mahira khan

  • zoombiecritic

    Aisha khan has gotten most beautiful eyes in th given list,, then mahira, then sanam jung… sajal ali, saba qamar,… then list goes on…. havent found sanam baloch's eyes beautiful ever…n resham? was ita joke???

  • Mawra's Isloo Fan

    Mawra Hocane is the best!!!

  • Mawra's Fan Isloo

    Mawra has the most beautiful and sexiest eyes 🙂

  • nida


  • sadiqa nizami

    ayeza khan has so beautiful eyexx <3 i think her name should be included in this list

    • Izma

      yes of course

  • laila

    aremeena khan???? aisha leanna akhtar????iman ali???amna haq???atiqa odho???
    mehreen syed's eyes are not lenses people,she has light eyes..

  • siddiq ullah

    ayesha khan have the most beautiful eyes

  • Tahir Yaseen Tahir Yaseen

    okara ma kabal walay ary raat ko band kar kay us ke gaga color laga datay hayn please in ko kahay.