Pakistani Singer, Amanat Ali Has Been Sued And Here’s Why

Pakistani singer, Amanat Ali recently had a star studded wedding which received a lot of media attention.

However, this time, he is not under the media’s spotlight for a good news.

He is now in trouble with law authorities due to having flavored tobacco smoking (shisha) at his Valima event.

News reports have been stating he has now been hit with a lawsuit for holding illegal activities at his wedding event  that are against the law.

The usage of shisha has been banned in the country.

Guests were served Shisha at his Valima and this has made the police take action against Amanat Ali, the hotel managers Manzur Ahmed and Haji Ashraf and 10 other people present at the event.

Nobody has been arrested so far but the chrages have been filed at the Madinah Town Police station.