This Pakistani Star is All Set to Shine at the Google Headquarters!

Google is one of the biggest and most successful IT company of all times. And this is why, the invitation of this Pakistani celebrity to deliver a talk at the Google headquarters is such a big deal! It is indeed a proud moment for Pakistan – Pakistani star, Fakh-e-Alam has been invited by the tech-giant Google at their Headquarter in┬áCalifornia!

Many might not be aware that this multi-talented person-singer, actor and host- is also the founder of a Pakistani Internet startup named EzDaam.

Mr. Fakhr will be delivering a lecture enlightening the Google employees with his opinion on technology, art and aviation at Googleplex. This celebrity will be the very first Pakistani to give a talk to the members of this renowned organization.

We are very proud of this achievement of Fakhr-e-Alam and wish him best of luck for all his future endeavours. We also hope that he will keep on making Pakistan stand tall!


Arsala Khalid