Panama Becomes Pajama With This Latest Music Compilation

Panama Case has caused quite a disruption in the country, and entertainment world is no less. Just after the political uncertainty and chaos caused in the country due to the decision, Patari Music has released a new track, making a Pajama of Panama. 

Captioned alongside this video was; “Mian k naaray toh nahi wajjay, magar band zarur baj gaya hai.. Patari per. The songs that come to our mind right after the #PanamaVerdict-“

Isn’t that simply hilarious? It already adds to the joy of the number of tweets and jokes that we have been hearing since yesterday. Other than this music compilation, Patari also released a picture that depicts the sad reality of this nation.

Other than this, Patari also released a compilation of 13 tracks to go alongside Nawaz Sharif’s political drama. The playlist titled ‘NS – Panama: When Panama’s pajama gets too tight’ includes a mix of songs by artists including Aamir Zaki, Sajjad Ali and Faakhir. Songs including, ‘Chief Saab’, ‘Chor’, ‘Jhoot ki Loot’, ‘Money’ and ‘O Sheeday’.

You can already expect Patari to be this hilarious and funny with the music at the time when country has been divided into two different political fronts.

Kainaat Maqbool