Parey Hut Love – Movie Review

The makers of Parey Hut Love took inspiration from the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, therefore this film does cover four weddings and a funeral. I haven’t watched the original British version of this film therefore I can’t draw any comparisons but I must say that after watching all three ‘big’ films this Eid, I am pretty sure that the one thing our filmmakers seriously compromise on is the script which is truly unfortunate. Parey Hut Love’s cinematography, locations and sets do not disappoint at all. It is also refreshing watching some new faces on the big screen. Maya Ali has given a really solid performance in the film, her dialogue delivery and overall look is right on point. Sheheryar Munawar’s portrayal of a disturbed, vulnerable, angry, confused young man is at times shaky. The screenplay and the dialogues are the weakest link in this film. Hina Dilpazeer seriously disappoints especially in the serious scenes. Fawad Khan’s cameo came as a surprise and it was actually sad watching Fawad Khan on the big screen after such a long time in a Pakistani movie but for such a short span of time – only few minutes!

Parey Hut Love

Written by: Imran Aslam
Screenplay by: Asim Raza & Nasir Aslam
Directed by: Asim Raza
Produced by: The Vision Factory Films

First Impression and The Final One

Parey Hut Love starts with a bang, you really feel that you are in for a great ride since the film has a visually stunning opening scene. Parisheh James also made a really cute first impression and Frieha Altaf played her role well. The director Asim Raza truly went out of his way to bring the desi big fat wedding to life on the big screen. Even the love at first sight scenario went well with the opening theme of the film. However, as the story progressed, I realized that this was yet another story of a struggling artist trying to make it big in the drama/film industry. So basically the main protagonist of the film turns out to be a lot like the ‘superstars’ in the film Superstar. As the film progresses, Sheheryar’s (Sheheryar Munawwar) anger and commitment issues are explored but the writer completely failed to do justice to them. In the beginning it seemed like this film would do justice to the ‘romantic’ element of the film but sadly that was not the case!

Parey Hut Love1
Sheheryar and Saniya (Maya Ali) looked good together even though they got too close too quickly but Sheheryar Munawar’s performance especially in the scenes showing his character’s anger was truly disappointing. Dialogues like ‘You are hurting me, you are hurting me too’ had done-to-death written all over them! The leading characters cry a lot in the film and the lack of communication between them is laughable! Parey Hut Love’s half-baked script coupled with supporting characters which are supposed to serve a bigger purpose but end up leaving absolutely no impact makes this yet another Pakistani film which is visually stunning but fails to make an emotional connection with the audience. Even someone as talented as Ahmed Ali Butt is wasted in a role which doesn’t exploit his talent to the maximum. Zara Noor Abbas fails to make an impact and ends up trying a little too hard. The most funny part was when Sheheryar thanked his half-dad for everything! Sheheryar winning his love in the end was not the least bit rewarding because he was confused right till the end until Zeena (Mahira Khan) made up his mind for him! Like many other Pakistani films, this one tries to achieve too much and ends up achieving very little.

Overall Impression

Parey Hut Love is a colorful film which is a visual delight but Sheheryar Munawar’s performance in particular leaves a lot to be desired. The script has no flow, we go from one wedding and one season to the other. There is no denying the fact that Nadeem Baig is a legend but why cast him in similar roles in two different films releasing on the same date? Parey Hut Love’s overall script is a lot like that of Superstar therefore if you have seen one, you will end up comparing the two. Maya Ali looks really good on the big screen and her performance leaves a lasting impression even though her character disappears in between. Some of the most serious scenarios are just plain ridiculous, which is unfortunate. The songs, the choreography and the cinematography make this film bearable. Mahira Khan’s guest appearance isn’t just restricted to a dance number and the film begins and ends with thanking Mahira Khan!! Mahira Khan’s role is short but crucial to the plot which also seems forced and makes the hero’s character even more weak. Parey Hut Love could have been a nice simple love story but by trying to add more ‘meaning’ to the film, the makers actually killed the romantic and the comic element of the film.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Your review reminds me Lux Awards one clip. Someone said about Shehryar Munawwar: “7 din muhabbat in main Mahira Khan aur Project Ghazi main Humayun Saeed jesay barray actors ko flop karaney k baad Shehryar ka agla shikar hain ‘Maya Ali’..” and it seems he has succeeded 😜

  • Mahira and Fawad le lo har movie mein superhit hojaye gi. Baqi actors mar gaye hain hamare? Kya sar pe chadhaya hua hai inn dono ko?

    Wish keh hamare writers and directors bollywood ko copy karna chodh dein..

    Aur yeh sabhi actors, directors, producers and writers sirf ratings dekhte hain aur inhe popularity chahiye.. They don’t care about our culture. Pakistan se sab kuch chahiye bhi lekin uss ki qadr bhi nahi karni. 14th August ko jhanda lehrana hai aur kehna hai Proud to be Pakistani. Lekin phir poora saal bhool jaate hain Pakistan ko..

    In film there is script, characters, visuals, locations, a story etc.. Film is about art and creativity. Zero brains and creativity hai inn actors and production houses ke paas. Look at hollywood! They actually have a story to tell. and we? We only have vulgarity to show and copy bollywood. Urdu movie mein English mein baatein..

    Sab Cake movie dekho, Load Wedding dekho.. Such great movies. Relatable to reality in some ways. Fun and emotional to watch at the same time.

    • Hi anonymous ..agree with all ur points ..
      I really want to watch cake ..
      The only Pakistani movies which i like is “khuda kai leyai” and “Bol”
      What’s about “maah e mir ” ? I want to watch it too

    • You are absolutely right. This could have been lot better if they focused on certain things rather than mixing everything. Absolute disaster of a story.

  • so the people that didn’t watch Superstar because of Mahira Khan they got a nice surprise choosing to watch this film instead amazing

    • Learn to respect people who got has given his blessing, mahira,atiff,Fawad ,gets lot’s of trolling for being famous,and international following ,it is for good reason. Pakistan needs to add to the list,not destroyed the few artists who are shining,all their projects,given big profits to their producers. Atiff fills,stadiums with 20,000 people’s in USA . Google,mahira,,and see the fans that comes out for her,and watch her film! The film reviews of Pakistani films are very harsh,yet have you given a review to BW films,photo shopped ,filter used to make their artists look good, yet even with the same budget as HW films, BW gives inferior products ! Pak film industry ,only 6 yrs old is going from strength to strength.

  • Ok first of all shehryar Munawar needs to stop launching himself again and again. I am sorry to say but you are not a film hero. He is good with his limited talent but for films you need x factor. I am unable to understand why these film makers aren’t concentrating on script. Come on pick up some really good writers. I feel our film industry is not an industry. Everyone has his own guys and little team who works only for themselves. No one wants to experiment and no one wants to go out to other camp. Nadeem, Humayun, Wasey and khalil sahab are in one camp. Fahad and Nabeel in one. Asim and sheryar. Hareem who always casts Ali Rehman and Mahira with hum. Other than 1 odd film nobody casts no one else. Only Mehwish Hayat is the one who works with both Nabeel and Nadeem

  • Dear, everyone is agreed that the above film exhibits good cinematography, visuals, songs, locations and color theme. Plus the couple appears good together as well. Of course, there were some lapses but after all its was a film. Kindly take it as a film. A good entertainer and good time pass, no rona dhona , fighting but happy ending eith smiles all the time, so cheers and support our industry which is still in its infancy.

  • I feel like every other movie looks like a never ending plethora of colours like a high budget shadi ad. Sheheryar Munawar isn’t very competent to play a solo lead and I’m not a huge fan of Maya Ali either so this movie didn’t appeal to me at all. Thanks for the review Fatima.

  • It deserves 0 stars. It is the worst movie i may have ever seen in cinema. I watched it in Birmingham UK and almost everyone in cinema was talking about the terrible story-line making so sense at all. This movie made us cancel our plan to watch other two movies and we went for English movies instead as we had a plan to have 3 movie nights.

  • very disappointed, seems like we are walking a fine line between Bollywood and Hollywood. no substances to the story

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