“Paymaan was a tricky character to play” – Sanam Saeed

“Paymaan was a tricky character to play” – Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed is a versatile actress who has proved her mettle in modelling much before she entered the field of acting. Currently she is playing the leading role of Paymaan in drama serial Firaaq which airs on HUM. Paymaan is a girl who was raised in a very rigid environment by an over authroratitive mother, therefore she is not like other girls her age. Sanam Saeed in her interview with Dawn News admitted that playing this role was not easy. “Paymaan was a tricky character to play. I had to work at making sure I didn’t fall too flat, or become boring. It certainly was a challenging role. I’m used to being assertive, and speaking my mind in other plays, but Paiman does transition into that stage as the story progresses.” said the actress who likes to play such roles in dramas which can be role models for other women.

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After leaving her mark in all the other fields she has been involved in now Sanam Saeed is starting her film career with the upcoming film Mah-e-Meer. Talking about her character in the play Sanam Saeed said, “I play a shaairah who gives in to commercialism unlike the rebellious anti-politics shaair played by Fahad Mustafa. I play a supporting role in adding to the conflict in the story.” 


Sanam Saeed has also worked in theatre which according to her is her favorite medium. “I love being on stage, nothing compares to it. I was afraid of films, but I’ve had my taste of it and I think it’s my second love…I enjoy the rehearsals and the pace at which a film is shot compared to television. I don’t know how much I’ll still like it after appearing on the big screen though, that is the true test I have not been through yet.”

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Sanam Saeed also revealed in her interview that she is getting married next year. Sanam Saeed said that she will continue working even after she gets married. She said, “You prioritize, you don’t be lazy. If you make the effort to keep the balance, anything is possible. Hard work, honesty and support make it all happen.”