People Criticized Nida Yasir For No-Makeup Look

We the ladies love to watch the morning shows as they provide many hacks, tips, and most importantly, you get to learn new and interesting things related to the daily routine tasks. 

Nida Yasir is hosting a morning show ’Good Morning Pakistan’ on ARY Digital. People love to see her show because of the exciting things she covers on her show. Either it’s a birthday party, Eid special or makeup class, viewers get to learn a lot. 

Recently, during her show famous makeup artists Wajid Khan gave a makeup class. Nida Yasir said that she was having a ’No Makeup’ look and Wajid Khan will show the audience how to do bridal makeup on her. 

Well, people started criticizing her on her words ’No Makeup’. She said that she was wearing no makeup and people made fun of her because she was wearing makeup. They seem to be confused about what she meant by no-makeup look.

Here are some criticizing comments of the general public on Nida Yasir’s statement. Have a look! 

People Criticized Nida Yasir For No-Makeup Look

People Criticized Nida Yasir For No-Makeup Look

People Criticized Nida Yasir For No-Makeup Look

People Criticized Nida Yasir For No-Makeup Look

People Criticized Nida Yasir For No-Makeup Look


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  • سچ بولنا چاہیے کیونکہ جھوٹ بول کر کیا ملنا ہے ہاں البتہ یہ کہہ دینا کافی ہے کہ میک اپ کم کیا ہے پرکیا ضرور ہے

  • Get a life trolls,no make up look ,does not mean you are not wearing make up, it is a make up look that looks natural , what is a big deal !

  • Asal mein yeh log itnaaa make up karte hain daily k light make up in k liye no make up k brabar hi hai.wese b agar waqai no make up wala face lekar ajati morning show per to shayed pechanna mushkil hojata aur log is se ziada criticize karte k dekho yeh asal look hai in ka.

  • kya dunya main sirf aik make up hi reh gaya hai nida k pas discuss karnay k liye.. Ye log seriously logon ko small scale par kaisay business start karna hai ya kya options hosaktay hian, aisay topics par bat kyun nahi kartay.. Morning shows are useless

  • Guys No makeup means a woman wears makeup in lighter tone or skin color tones. It realy dosent mean that she hs applied makeup in little amount, infact only shades of makeup are lighter but probably in heavy amount which gives natural look only.

  • No make up ka matlb hai aisa make up jis mein aisy look ae k make up nai kiya hao nida bht achi lag ri hai, log fuzool msg krnay sy avoid karin

  • Acha laga hai yea show hawateen kae liye ache aur ahem cheeze yae batate hai. Nida Yasir ek acha lady hai gd host. She’s lovely.
    Lekin yae make up aur khoobsurat laghne kaa obsession has to go, what is this obsession with make up and pretty girls??
    This is all fake aren’t people getting fed up of this? Dunya kaha sae kaha pochgae.
    Aurat empowerment aur health kae barea zaada tawajou dae not on standing and looking pretty all the time or in make up this does not empower women. Allah tallah nae bee ess liye aurat koa nahi banaye hai, yae saab pressure aurtoa pae dalta hai to look good all the time. Fake. Change the format slightly of the show.

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