PM Imran Khan Has Got A New Fan

The generation now knows Imran Khan as the politician and the one after this will probably remember him as the Prime Minister of Pakistan but the one before these knows that Imran Khan has not only been a sports and youth icon but has been the reason to cause tachycardia to millions with his charm and handsomeness. Even today he carries an aura that pulls the crowd to him and has been the reason for his followership of millions.

Since becoming the Prime Minister Mr. Khan has been working his best to improve the International relations of the country. He has visited KSA, UAE and now he is in Malaysia on the official visit. He talked about the economic conditions of the country with the Prime Minister of Malaysia. While the two Prime Ministers and the first lady of Malaysia were having some pictures clicked, a cute moment happened. The first lady asked our Prime Minister if he would permit her to hold his hand for the photo and as sweet Imran Khan is with his admirers, he obliged. Here is the cutest clip of the day from the Internet:

Imran Khan, may you like him or not, its a fact that he has fans all over the world!

Pakeeza Dar