Priyanka Chopra Got Insulted By Pakistani Reporter

Priyanka Chopra at an international event asked a question by pakistani girl Ayesha Malik, she asked from Priyanka that why did you encourage nuclear war between Pakistan being A UN ambassador? , Priyanka got shocked at the very first moment the girl later tried to complete her question that we people supported you in your business and you are encouraging war and right between this sentence the security just snatched mic from her and Priyanka said are you done venting and came up with bogus replies of I have alot of Pakistani friends, I am not a war supporter but I am patriotic.What a foolish answer given by a UN ambassador and all that time she got faded and completely gone.

We just say to the girl Ayesha Malik, taka a bow on your courageous question, you spoke it, the girl Ayesha Malik later tweeted along with the video where security misbehaved with her and the whole crowd saw how she used her power.

Armeena Rana khan also tweeted about it saying where have humanitarians gone? , no body let her completed her most valid question. Armeena also pointed out this thing earlier when Priyanka was bashing Pakistan and supporting nuclear war. Armeena also desreve salutes for her efforts.

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Mansha pasha also tweeted against it.

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Most of the pakistanis are bashing Priyanka that she wasn’t being able to give a proper response whereas indians being as usual took it as she has won the entire world. Every time indians take cringe as reward and it was one of those moments. And yes every sane person thinks that she is not eligible for any UN post as its a peace keeping force, but such acts by ambassadors are biggest questions of UN’s credibility. That’s why our vocal celebrities are not taking this hypocrisy

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  • You should check the entire interview before you make this article, then you would know how much truth is here, the reporter asked the question and no one interrupted her and PC’s reply was apt and it was more of a slap to the reporter

  • Nice reply by priyanka.That paki lady should be kicked out as she blamed pc for supporting nuclear war. Whereas pc never said anything about nuclear war. Retarded journalist

  • i think whatever that girl was feeling was completely valid. what pc posted was vague and did not necessarliy imply her suppprting nuclear war but she shouldve realised that she is followed by millions who could interpret her tweet differently … if she really is that empathetic she shouldve realised how her tweet hurt some of her fans/peoples emotions and apologized … its really not that deep …

  • Pakistan is a war monger. They attacked India four times and were defeated. Now this lady is threatening nuclear war. All because they don’t want to accept UN resolutions or the accession to India by Raja Hari Singh. Please note the Raja of Kashmir and his family live in India and just like the UN, they took call Pakistan an illegal occupier in Kashmir.

  • You’re posting an article on the internet and you can’t even do a simple spell check.. and you talk about other people being cringeworthy. Oh the irony. Moron

  • Indians , esp. hindus are cunning and treacherous nature by birth … so, there’s nothing more to define them ..!

  • hindus. even. don’t t. knows thier own religion, they are only hypocrites spreading hatred

  • All Pakistan r at mental shock.Priyanka Chopra never tweeted nor supported nuclear war.India’s decision was solely internal affairs.Wen Pakistan did same with Fata non interfered.Pakis should reform their habits of poking others nose.Pakis r terrorists’ factory. World knows it.Pakis seriously need psychiatrist help.

  • I remember a video from priyanka , in which she was playing fun with the indian customs and rituals one of which was even ghunghroo in her feet , i am not indian bt felt insultive on behalf of indians , she is a big fat hypocrite who is mentally in a state to please west and playing safe to pretend being patriot, where is unisef ? She doesnt deserve the peace Tag atall , rather sushmita is much outspoken and more fair in her humanitarin approach .

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