Project Ghazi’s premiere disappoints all, film’s release postponed

Syed Muhammad Ali Raza’s Project Ghazi premiered today and it seems that we have another setback for the entertainment industry. While being dubbed as the first Superhero film of the country, expectations were high among the cinema goers. But, it seems that the film fraternity that went to attend the premier today in Nueplex cinema ran even before the intermission.

It is just one review, but many more reviews started to flood in soon after. Seems that the directors and producers of the movie can’t tolerate their efforts turning into a upheaval, this is why they announced that the release has been postponed.

Well, we all know what’s the reason behind this sudden technical work. People were expecting a lot better from the movie, which claims that it is bringing about one in a million sort of story paired with exciting stuns. The makers, right on time, decided that it would be better to postpone the movie rather than making it another big flop of the year.

We all were impatiently waiting for the movie to release, and some of us had already pre-booked the tickets. When will the movie be released, what happened to our tickets is still to be seen!

Kainaat Maqbool

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