Public Has to Say Something For Heer Man Jaa

Where everyone is talking about Paray Hut Love and superstar being a good cinematic experience and great production with a lot of paid reviews buzzing in, we have to talk about a movie that public is referring as public’s movie. It is not any kind of a review or we trying to give spoilers.
We will just show you the twitter response of film Heer Man Ja.
Here are the tweets of the viewers after watching film Screenshot 20190814 183813

Screenshot 20190814 181647

Screenshot 20190814 181120

Screenshot 20190814 181403

Screenshot 20190814 181142

Screenshot 20190814 181440

Screenshot 20190814 181202

Screenshot 20190814 183657

Screenshot 20190814 181457

Screenshot 20190814 181328

Screenshot 20190814 181558

IMG 20190814 183743

Screenshot 20190814 181347

Screenshot 20190814 181014

Screenshot 20190814 181627

Screenshot 20190814 181028


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  • Good to see that this movie is getting good response!! I love Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman. They both are simple and sweet. This movie will release in UAE next week so I am anxiously watiting to watch it. So far on IMDB the movie has got 7.5 rating. As for Superstar and Parey Hut Love the rating is around 5.3

    • True they didn’t went with lots of promotion….Bcz they know film is according to viewers choice…..

      Superstar and Parey Hut Love went extravagant promotion to make their films block buster…

      Maya Ali was thinking like Teefa in trouble this movie is also her block buster movie but unfortunately she forget Teefa in Trouble was block buster bcz of Ali Zafar..

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