People Are Bashing Ramzan Transmissions On TV For All The Right Reasons

While Muslims all around the world fast and pray fervently in the month of Ramzan, it seems, in Pakistan, a whole new drama begins. Television channels join the race of Ramzan Transmissions, each trying their best to bring in the most popular of celebrities to get more ratings. The war of ratings in Ramzans becomes more of a crusade for TV channels, each trying to surpass the other with antics.

WATCH: First promo of ARY Digital's Shan-e-Ramzan transmission ...

Some channels have game shows going on specific for Ramzan, others have clerics sitting together with celebrities, trying their best to impart Islamic teachings and discuss one issue after another.

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This year, however, when PEMRA announced that live audience wouldn’t be present in transmissions, the channels came on the frontline with a new plan altogether. They now have celebrities gracing their production sets and playing games and doing their stuff, live on camera for the audience.

Geo Tv “Ittehad Ramzan” transmission grabbing the full attention ...

People have been heavily criticizing the channels for Ramzan Transmissions amidst the coronavirus breakouts, where they have been endangering their own lives, those of the celebrities on sets and of course the participants, because lets put it straight, we don’t see anyone wearing masks, there are spots boys and whole production teams on the sets and because this COVID19 is highly contagious, hundreds and thousands of lives are being put at a risk, all because of these ratings that the channels are after.

Whatever the reason, whether coronavirus or wasting time that could have otherwise been utilized for prayers, Ramzan Transmissions are nothing but a waste of time.

Here is what people have been saying regarding Ramzan Transmissions this year in general;

People wanted ramzan transmissions free of celebrities.

Some people pointed out how it was unfair that people with no knowledge of Islam appeared on national television to teach people their religion.

Some people actually called out the gravity of the situation which had the mosques lockdown but not these ramzan transmissions.

Some people made a valid point

Some were just plain sarcastic but made a valid point.

People believed coronavirus was sent for a reason




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