Rauf Lala Talks About Refusing Big Boss And Being Copied In Bollywood

Rauf Lala is a famous Pakistani comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He has been part of the Pakistani media industry for more than thirty years. He is known for his good comic timings & immense talent. Rauf Lala has worked in India as well, he was part of the season 2 of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge which he won. His recent notable appearance was in reality show Tamasha for Ary Digital.

Rauf Lala Talks About Refusing Big Boss And Being Copied In Bollywood

Recently, Rauf Lala appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast where he revealed the reason for refusing the biggest offer of Big Boss. He also talked about his iconic dance step which was copied in Munni Badnam Hui. Rauf Lala said, “In 2006, I went to India, In 2007, they announced Big Boss, I was also offered Big Boss. It was the show of our team which produced Laughter Challenge. The producers asked me to do Big Boss, they briefed me about the format of the show, but I refused it. I asked them, ‘would I get betel leaves for chewing – would I get Paan?’, they said that they can’t provide me with betel leaves, so, I had to refuse, and they offered me a huge money at that time, the offer was around one crore Indian rupees but I refused it, now, I have heard that everything is available in Big Boss”.

He further said that his iconic entry dance step was copied in Munni Badnam Hui because he did that step in his Indian reality show Laughter Challenge, which he won. He said, “it’s okay, if they copied it, once I read in comments that Farah Khan said, ‘we pick anything from anywhere, if we like it’.

He said that he did this dance step in 1993 in a stage show and repeated it in Laughter Challenge. Here is the link to his dance video from a recent show:

Rauf Lala Talks About Refusing Big Boss And Being Copied In Bollywood

Nadir and Rauf Lala also revealed that Munni Badnam Hui song was copy of Umer Sharif’s song Larka Badnam Hua, Haseena Tere Liye.


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