Recipe to make a Ramadan transmission!

Recipe to make a Ramadan transmission!

It is difficult to define whether to compare Ramadan transmissions these days to a complicated biryani or two minute noodles. Let us look upon some ingredients that will help us decide the answer to this question.

The look of “MODESTY”:

I don’t even know where to start on this. Sometimes when I tune into a channel I get confused whether the hosts are ready for hosting a “Ramadan Transmission” or their “Chachu ka Waleema”. Heavily embroidered kurtay and sherwaniyan adorned by men and women with their heavy Anarkalis and shararas make me wonder how on earth these people are going to preach simplicity and the need to cut off our extra expenses and help the needy while looking like Mughal-e-Azam’s themselves. Styling is a whole debate in itself with our perfect hosts adorning blinding highlights and hostesses with their beautiful hairstyles dangling out of the dupattas pinned on their heads.

The lavish sets:

It seems like there is a race among channels that who will have the biggest set in the history of sets. I am not talking about the size of sets here but the built in aquariums they have and peacocks and expensive birds walking around. But then they help homeless people (which is a remarkable and positive thing) but make those people sit on their Sang e Marmar ke farsh and Italian furniture.

The Hosts:

Yes we do have hosts like Muneeba Mazari and Juggan Kazim who never go OTT and who can forget the Late Junaid Jamshed (May Allah bless him with high ranks in Jannah) who always brought smiles on his audience’s faces. BUT ALSO we have hosts who bad mouth people they have worked with and used to defend fiercely under the banner Aisa nahin chalega! We also have hosts who got banned by PEMRA due to inappropriate dance moves. And yes people they are acting as our guides in this auspicious month.

The 360˚ turn:

You cannot actually fool the public as easily as you think but I think they do not understand this statement easily. Like you display yourself as the most pious person on planet earth for 29/30 days and on the very next day you start dancing on KARR GAYI CHULL on the same channel on which yesterday you were preaching how the changes we bring in our lives in Ramadan should be kept with us throughout the year too and now you are showing your moves kyunki bhai abb to Eid transmission hai na. Why do this to your own dignity and to your fans? *sigh of sadness*

The gift bazaar:

The transmission must act like a big bazaar too and must have a lot of gifts for the audiences. In my opinion keeping motorbikes, cars and specially the Umrah packages is nice and these too in a limited number but lawn ke joray and electrical appliances are just too unnecessary when the television already has a lot of game shows now offering these goods and even Hawai jahaz now. Leave the gifts to the game shows.


Some transmissions are actually showing healthy activities like debates, quizzes and bait baazi. Many talented speakers are seen in them which is a delight to watch but in some shows these competitions really look staged with the host getting more attention than the participants.

The cooking show:

Each transmission has its own chef who teaches the audience new and easy dishes to make throughout Ramadan. Yes they also commercialize products again and again like the chef will mention the name of the cooking oil a million times which sometimes gets annoying but we understand it is your job.

Some uncontrolled audiences:

People jumping over each other and snatching the pillows and gift hampers being distributed by the team are also a must have of every Ramadan transmission. People must keep their integrity specially when Islamic scholars and renowned personalities are sitting in front of you. Why showcase yourself like that when you know whole Pakistan is watching and making fun of you.

Some really good things:

There are some really tasty ingredients in the recipe too. Let’s try them out. These transmissions are actually offering some very good opportunities to the audiences. Many respectable scholars and muftis are called to these shows as guests providing many people the opportunity to ask them about their problems. This makes reaching the ones who have command on masails very easy. The tales of our Holy Prophets are also narrated on these shows. PTV provided whole Pakistan with the opportunity to listen to Maulana Tariq Jameel’s bayans which was a commendable effort. Help reaches to many poor people by people’s zakaat and sadqaat; some of them ill who cannot afford to get treatment otherwise. These transmissions have naat khawans who make our hearts warm when the recite beautiful poetry written about our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

These are some necessary ingredients of a Ramadan show. Please comment whether you like the final dish or not.