Recreation Of Classic Pakistani Television Show Alif Noon Into A Feature Film

Alif Noon was a 1965 comedy television series from Pakistani Television written by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi. The cast consisted of Rafi Khawar known as Nanha and Kamal Ahmed Rizvi known as Allan. 

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Recently through social media we got to know that the classic Pakistani television show “Alif Noon” will be recreated into a feature film soon. The famous duo Allan and Nanha originally portrayed by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi and Rafi khawer will be recreated by Shehzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi. 


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“Alif Noon” will be a whole new story but the content will be similar, says the team. 

“You know how there are some things in life you feel are exactly what you’ve been waiting for? This felt like that.” Those words were spoken by Shehzad Roy as he talked about his upcoming project, a film adaptation of the 1960s television series, Alif Noon.

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Shehzad is playing the character of Allan, a con man bent on breaking the rules and engaging in shady affairs to move forward in life.

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His unsuspecting partner-in-crime, Nanha, will be played by comedian and actor Faisal Qureshi. Turns out that not only has the latter penned the script, but he’ll also direct the film as well.

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The looks will be totally changed. This is the 2020 version of Allan and Nanha. 

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We wish Shehzad and Faisal best of luck for their upcoming project. The entire audience is anxiously waiting for this feature film to be released soon.

Sara Imran