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Reema Khan Wins American Award

Reema Khan might have been missing from the entertainment scene in Pakistan for a short while but even during her stay In America, Reema Khan decided to work on a project with the support of AAM (America Abroad Media) in 2013. It was a series like no other in which a Pakistani who had just come to America was going to discover the country for the first time. While discovering this new country herself, Reema Khan also introduced many Pakistanis who had never been to the US to the country. Reema started the show by telling her viewers that she could never have imagined that one day she will be living in some other country and not Pakistan. Reema Khan was presented with an award by American Organization AAM in recognition of her work in this series.

Aamir Khan also received an award for his show Satyamev Jayate. Speaking on this occasion Reema Khan said, “For the last couple of years, Indian films are being released in Pakistani theaters, which is wonderful. Now I am expecting the government of India to allow the release of Pakistani films in Indian theaters.”

“Through films, audiences of the two countries can be brought together. They can carry a very strong message. They can understand the traditions, values and cultural system which has developed in Pakistan,” she added

We wish Reema all the best for her future endeavors.