Rishi Kapoor clears the air !

Earlier in his interview with Kamran Shahid , Rishi Kapoor talked about his tweets and how they were misconstrued. Thanking the Pakistani nation for their love and support, he told Kamran that he loves both the country but his support for India, being an Indian is inevitable.

He maintained that people misinterpreted his tweets. Whatever he tweeted was the reply of negative comments made on the Indian team in the first place. He pleaded people from both sides to be positive and not to take the game to a personal level. He moreover, said that politics should be kept away from these games. He also congratulated Pakistan cricket team on outperforming the Indian team in all departments.

He further shed light on the fact that he had been a staunch supporter of the fact that cricket should be brought back in Pakistan and about the inclusion of Pakistani players in IPL as well. His message to both the nations was to make peace and to stay positive.


Maryam Suleman