RJ Khalid Malik Bids Farewell To FM 89

From past 10 years, Khalid Malik has sleepy Pakistanis across the nation tune into his morning radio show for their daily fix of entertainment. It’s a sad news for all those who tune into Fm 89 and are fans of Khalid Malik because after all these years of being a companion to many, Khalid announced that he’s bidding adieu to the popular show to explore and embark more in life.

As he made the announcement, his enthusiastic voice turned into an emotional one as he was holding back his tears. He revealed that it’s been one of the most difficult decisions of his life and career.

“I often get asked, how do you stay so chirpy and get up so early for however many years and the honest answer is YOU. You make my experience here enjoyable and it feels sometimes that you and I have made this show happen. And I feel like I’ve grown up with you as you have, too. And as you know, as you grow, you feel the need to explore new horizons because that is a part of growing up. And, at times, you need to make some tough decisions.”

Khalid will be revealing his future projects soon and even wishes to write a book to provide answers to all the unanswered questions, “I know you have many questions and perhaps some day I’ll write a book and hopefully answers some of those questions but suffice to say that I needed to make some tough decisions as a part of my growing up. I am however embarking on something new and that will reveal itself soon. I will run into you and I hope you will say Hi! I hope you continue to write to me and support me in whatever I do and I hope to always respond to you as I have till now.”

He then continued giving some inspirational advice’s to everyone.

“For the men in particular, if you’re married and if things aren’t right with your wife, stop everything now and go to her and make things right. You need her more than you can imagine. She is your strength and pillar. Be committed to her. Make it right and you’ll find the energy that you’ve never tapped into before. To the women, stand by your man. Even if he’s only changed a light bulb, make him feel like he’s just saved the entire world and watch him transform in front of your eyes. To the girls who are in colleges, universities and in schools, you are beautiful, just the way you are. You don’t need to be anywhere for anybody.”

‘The Breakfast Show’ with Khalid’s enthusiastic voice was always a trigger that works better than any caffeine fix to get you in the mode for the daily grind. Khalid, you’ll surely be missed!

Rimsha Butt