Saba Faisal Emphasizes On Sons’ Naseeeb After Marriage

Saba Faisal, Parveen Akbar and Farah Nadeem are brilliant Pakistani television actors who have been part of the media industry for so long. Lately, the talented actresses appeared in Samaa Tv’s morning show where they discussed the problems which arise after children’s marriage. They all shared their experiences in this regard. The guests were of the view that the girls should be patient and supportive in the starting days of their marriage. They also said that they are quite peaceloving mothers in law who don’t want to dictate anything to their daughters-in-law.

Saba Faisal Emphasizes On Sons' Naseeeb After Marriage

Saba Faisal Emphasizes On Sons' Naseeeb After Marriage

Saba Faisal Emphasizes On Sons' Naseeeb After Marriage

In the show, talking about Naseeb, Saba Faisal said, “parents should not only worry about daughter’s fortune but they should also pray for son’s fortune because a lot depends on son’s naseeb, a son’s wife has a lot of responsibility of the whole house. I love my sister in law in this regard, I respect her a lot, she has served my ailing mother in her last time when my mother was bedridden. She used to cry for my mother’s pain. Now, I respect her like my mother”. Here is the link to the video:

Saba Faisal also said, “Today, girls expect that they will marry a guy and will be the owner of his house, everything will belong to them, that is very wrong, they foget that the young boys are already dependent, and are in their struggling phase, so, if they want a financial stability, they should marry a 45 years old man who would be capable enough of fulfilling all their needs”.


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