Saba Qamar Reveals Her Marriage Plans

Saba Qamar has done wonderful work in many drama serials and she has a great number of fans. To connect with her fans, she did an online #AskSaba session where her fans were allowed to ask questions.

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The Baaghi actress came with great comebacks and it was a fun session where we got to see a witty side of the actress.

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In #AskSaba session, she revealed her marriage plans when one of her fans asked, “hi. Just wanted to ask you that why are you not married yet? #asksaba i want to listen your story.”

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Her response to this question shows she is not going to get married soon as she has not found her life partner.

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The Cheekh actress responded, “Because I haven’t found someone who I can spend my entire life with.”

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Saba Qamar’s marriage plans:

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