“Sabreen Hisbani Is A Much Better Actress Than Me” – Sanam Baloch

Everyone knows that Sabreen Hisbani and Sanam Baloch are sisters but a lot of people don’t know who started working in the entertainment industry first. While talking to Yasir Hussein on his show, Sanam Baloch shared a few interesting details about how she entered into showbiz and what it feels like to have a sister who is also a celebrity.



She said,


“Sabreen is the reason why I started getting roles in dramas. The producers used to cast me because I was Sabreen’s sister and they thought that Sabreen’s sister must be a good actress and must be committed. That’s how I got work in the beginning.”


Sanam Baloch also talked about the way their family members criticized them. She also said that sometimes the criticism is unbearable. She also said,

“My family members at times praise me more than Sabreen but I feel I have no competition with her, she is a far better actress than me!”