Sadaf Kanwal Gets Into Trouble

Bol night with Ahsan Khan on Bol Entertainment is the most-watched show these days. The host Ahsan Khan invites different celebrities, ask them random questions, talk about different topics and entertain the viewers. 

Recently, a very famous model and actress Sadaf Kanwal and most handsome Ali Rehman were invited to the show. Sadaf and Ali danced on the song ’Ankhen Milanay Walay’ and their video went viral over the internet. 

Sadaf Kanwal

Ahsan Khan asked Sadaf Kanwal that in her opinion, who should not be a part of the Pakistan television industry to which she replied ’Mansha Pasha’. 

It was a bit shocking for the audience. Well, Mansha Pasha responded to Sadaf Kanwal’s answer that it’s God who decides where one should suppose to be. She doesn’t care what Sadaf Kanwal thinks about her and her acting. 

Mansha 0

Mansha 1

Saheefa Jabar shared a public service message on her Instagram story saying that one should leave their personal grudges at home while appearing on national television. One should show some respect for other artists as well.

Saheefa 0

Saheefa 1

What do you guys think about this story? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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  • Mansha Is such a brilliant actress and Sadaf is no where close to her and she thinks Mansha shouldn’t be part of TV industry! I think she needs to check her own work first

    • Please mery youtube channel ko subscribe kr do.Agr krna hai to my youtube channel name is Showbiz fun or agr subscribe kr diya to please kisi video ke commwnt mein bta dena.

  • Asal mai mansha pasha ne sadaf kanwal kai mee too waalai comment pai eterzaa kiya thaa ..
    Aur mai khud in fazool logo kai mee too walai naarai k khilaaf hun ..hamarai pas islam hai to phir mee too ko itni fauqiyyat kiyoo hasil hai ..
    Sadaf ne kaha tha kai kai jis waqt apkai sath ziyadati ho usi waqt jawaab deya karo ye kya 15 saal baad aao aur kaho kai us ne mujhai thora taizi se hug kiya thaa aur i think wo mee too wala hug tha ..i completely agree with her ..wo ali aur meesha wali controversy kai tanazar mai baat kar rahi thi ..
    Tab se in dono ki jang chir gayi hai ..

  • What sadaf said was just her opinion,nothing known as grudge!So plz sahifa think b4 u speak.No one can take others freedom of speech.him ik dum say bias ho jaaty hain.kyon!

    • Yes agree ..
      Sawaal he aisa poocha gaya hai …ab jab ahsan pappa kutni ban kar aisa sawal poochai ga to jawab bhi aisa he melaiga ..she just gave her opinion ..ab mujhai OKB nahi pasand to nahi pasand it means m stupid ?
      Aajkal Pakistani celebs pata nahi ek dusrai kai taang khainchai mai lgai rahai hain

  • Sadaf is a mean girl ,probably a graduate of fridious Jamal school of trolling. The fame,attention,and good work other artists have ,is due to their hard work,and luck which is from God. The trolls junior and senior artists must learn when they disrespect ,and try to destroy others,this only shows them as a very disrespectful,hateful human being . Sadaf must learn that you have to be a good human being before being a good artist!

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