Watch Video: Sahir Lodhi Lashes Out At People, Criticizing Him & His Fans

Sahir Lodhi’s Raasta released on March 31st and opened to negative reviews. The film, made on a budget of Rs 85 million, only managed to collect a sum of Rs 2 million on the first day of its release.

Many popular bloggers reviewed Raasta and mostly gave negative reviews. However, Sahir Lodhi feels that the bloggers labeled the whole nation. At a press conference, Sahir spoke about the matter and stressed upon the comments which stated: ‘Sahir is a cheap actor and has cheap fans.’ The comments apparently didn’t go well with Sahir, and he decided to hit back at the bloggers.

He questioned the individuals and asked who gave them the right to differentiate between the audiences. He said, “I am standing with the people of Pakistan.” He further asked, “How can you call them cheap.”

Here’s what he has to say.

Earlier this month, Sahir also appeared live with comedian Junaid Akram, who feels that the reviews he read were more like a personal hate frustration. He also shared that he’s uncertain to why Sahir always receives hate from the audiences. Apparently, the bloggers who reviewed Raasta also stated: “If you watch Raasta, you’ll be judged.”

Rimsha Butt