Sahir Lodhi reveals his celebrity crush

Sahir Lodhi is loved by his fans for his outspoken personality and his poetic side.

At one place, you see him dancing for his upcoming film while previously he used to discuss topics like love and poetry in his radio and TV shows.

We all know how much Sahir loves acting from the look and trailers of his upcoming film Raasta but in a recent interview, the star revealed his celebrity crush. He told a local publication:

“I am as away from romance as Pakistan is from Israel, Romance is very difficult for me unless it’s with Katrina Kaif. One look at her and it would all come naturally, it’s beyond a crush it’s a one-sided love.”

We really can’t blame Sahir for being so expressive about his celebrity crush because let’s face it, we are all a llittle too extreme about our crushes.

Raasta is a film produced and directed both by Sahir Lodhi and he is the protagonist in it as well.

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