Saima Noor pair with Moammar Rana in upcoming movie “bhai wanted”

Saima Noor has recently made a very powerful comeback on TV and now she is all set for the release of her husband Syed Noor’s “bhai wanted” with Moammar Rana.

The movie had been gaining and losing momentum since 2013 but now it is all ready for glorifying the cinemas in September, 2017.

Bhai Wanted is a movie spanning the days of wanted criminals. It chases them around their adventures and escapades. The lead roles are by Saima, Moammar Rana who is said to have replaced Shaan, Nadeem, Khurram Patras and newcomer Yasin Khan.

Though the movie is about hunted goons, masala lovers need not be disappointed since it has all those elements as well, including six romantic songs.

Mehwish Mansoor