Sajal Aly Beautiful Pictures After Her Wedding

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir are one of the most favorite couples in the entertainment industry. Yaqeen Ka Saffar superstars earned a high position for their tremendous acting skills. The on-screen couple became a real-life couple at the start of 2020 and we can’t take our eyes off their wedding pictures. 

Sajal and Ahad look adorably cute together. They have been spotted attending formal events and functions but nobody knows they were dating. The couple stole the limelight of social media when they announced the good news of their engagement. Sajal and Ahad love to keep their personal life private, therefore, they had an isolated wedding function in Abu Dhabi. 

Sajal and Ahad share their pictures on social media to keep their fans updated about their life. They are enjoying the quarantine days at home with their family members. Sajal loves her in-laws and is living a happily married life. 

Check out the beautiful pictures of Sajal Ali after her

r wedding. 

Sajal Aly 1 2

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