Sajal Aly Old Drama Looks – Top 10

Sajal Aly is one of the most acclaimed actresses of Pakistan television. With her expressive eyes and gorgeous features, Sajal nails each and every character that she undertakes to perform. From Bollywood to Pakistan, Sajal Aly has charmed fans with her acting prowess.

Sajal Aly made her debut in Geo Entertainment’s Naadaniyaan but that was only a cameo. Sajal’s first important role that got her recognition happened to be in 2011 on ARY Digital in Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain.

sajal aly old drama looks 1 sajal aly old drama looks 2 sajal aly old drama looks 3 sajal aly old drama looks 4

Sajal portrayed the role of Suhaee in Hum TV’s Mastana Mahi and earned a prominent place for herself in the industry.

sajal aly old drama looks 6

sajal aly old drama looks 7 sajal aly old drama looks 8

Over the years after her TV debut, Sajal Aly has done more than 35 dramas including telefilms and two films.

Here are a few old pictures of Sajal Aly from her first few dramas. The actress has come a long way ever since her TV debut, transforming her fashion statement and also polishing her skill as an actor.

sajal aly 11  sajal aly 13 sajal aly 14 sajal aly 15

sajal aly 16 sajal aly 17

sajal aly 18 sajal aly 19

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