Salman Khan Drops Atif Aslam’s Song From His Production

Salman Khan has been considered notorious in the Indan film industry for working with Pakistani artists even after the initial ban from the Indian association. He has worked with Atif Aslam after that and Atif has sung for his films. Atif Aslam’s track was going to be featured yet again in the Indian remake of The Notebook which Salman Khan is producing.

Salman Khan Drops Atif Aslam's Song From His Production

As the Indian Media and government is on a spree to blame Pakistan for the Pulwama Attack, the ban on the Pakistani artists has been re-enforced. This has caused Salman Khan to remove Atif’s track from the film and replace it with someone else’s voice. The jingoism is being endorsed by many Indian artists too in addition to the media which has led to art being affected alongside businesses between the two countries.

Atif Aslam has previously sung Dil Diyan Gallan despite the ban on Pakistani artists but the jingoism this time led Salman Khan to replace Atif’s voice. Atif’s latest track Baarishein was also removed from T-Series Youtube channel before this!

Pakeeza Dar