Salman Khan’s Tubelight Might Get Late Release For Fans In Pakistan

The release of Salman Khan’s Tubelight in Pakistan has been a matter great debate. However, according to reports, Tubelight’s director Kabir Khan has hinted that the flick may be released in Pakistan at a later date.

In a press conference in Dubai, director Kabir Khan said, “I don’t think one should react or respond to hearsay, we have not been told by any Pakistani producers or anyone from Pakistan about our film. Yes, I have heard there have been murmurs about our film essentially so that may be some producers feel they have a better chance at the box office without a film over there. But if they feel some of their films have to be nurtured more, we can come there later as well. At the end we feel that our film should be enjoyed and consumed by people in Pakistan because they are great fans of Salman Khan. More than the box office, we have got a lot of love from them for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. We hope to do the same with Tubelight this time.”

In order to protect the business of local films in Pakistan, directors and producers are rumored to have been trying to stall the release of Tubelight. Therefore, the film might release after Eid! Salman Khan’s “Tubelight” is also Bollywood’s first film ever to have its personal character emoji.

Watch the teaser of Tubelight here:

Rimsha Butt