Sana Nawaz’s Straightforward Statement About Her Divorce

Sana Nawaz is brilliant television and film actor who first rose to fame through her brilliant acting skills in the hit Pakistani films during the nineties. She debuted from film Sangam and has appeared in many hit films including Yeh Dil Aapka Huwa. She also appeared in dramas like Yeh Zindagi Hai, Alif Allah Aur Insan, Qayamat, Seep, Babban Khala ki Baitiyaan and Dil Awaiz. Lately, Sana Nawaz appeared in FHM Podcast. In the podcast, she talked about her divorce and life after divorce.

Sana Nawaz's Straightforward Statement About Her Divorce

Sana Nawaz's Straightforward Statement About Her Divorce

Talking about divorce decision Sana Nawaz said that divorce was her conscious decision. She said, “I made my life easier, I didn’t argue with those who stayed by myself and didn’t ask the reasons from those who left me. Those, who wanted to stay in my life were thrown out by me. I took all the decisions by myself and I don’t have any regret in life”. Here is the link to the video:

Sana Nawaz also said that she didn’t change her opinion about men. She said, “after my personal experience, I haven’t changed my mind or my perception about men”. Here is the link to the video:

She also opened up about leading a life as a single mother. Talking about it, Sana Nawaz said, “People should be appreciative and empathetic towards the single mothers because they go through a lot. They should not be judged because they go through many society pressures. I know many of you say that they are actors, life may be easy for them but still there are many single mothers like me who are privileged and have househelp and money, but even then those ladies suffer the same pressures”

She also narrated the story of a girl with whom she met on Express TV’s drama sets. She said, “I met a young girl who is doing a short role in the series, she said to me, ‘no one in my house thinks of me, as one of my parents has died, the other is sick, my brother has left the house, no one is worried about me”.


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