Sanam Jung Is A Mom

Sanam Jung recently got married and now she has been blessed with a baby girl.
Sadia Imam announced this good news on the set of Sanam Jung’s morning show Jago Pakistan Jago. Sanam Jung all through her morning show shared everything about her pregnancy. The audience enjoyed sharing these important moments of her life with her and now HUM announced the birth of her daughter in a special way. The audience was very excited to hear the news.Sanam Jung’s viewers have been a special part of all the different phases in her life whether it was her marriage and now when she is a mother.

The set of the show was decorated exclusively for the purpose of announcing this news. Sadia Iman was ecstatic at the news and she conveyed this news with great enthusiasm. There are many fans who are waiting to see the picture of the baby.

We wish Sanam Jung and her baby all the best.

Watch the video here: