Sanam Saeed Says That Torture Is Never Justified

The whole country was shaken a few days ago when the case of torture on Asma Aziz came forward. The woman named Asma filed a case against her husband who had beaten and humiliated her as well as shaved her head for not dancing in front of his friends. The torture on the lady was proved by her medical reports. However, a friend of her husband released an old video of hers where she was seen dancing among many people.

This caused a debate over the case all over the country and people have been giving all sorts of opinions about her. Sanam Saeed took to Twitter and gave her two cents on the situation. She very rightfully explained the meaning of consent to many out there and also said that nothing can justify the torture she bore. This is what Sanam said:

Sanam Saeed Says That Torture Is Never Justified

It is great to see celebrities raising voice for social issues and talking about the situations going on in society!

Pakeeza Dar