When Mahira Khan was not let go off easily in India so, why should we let you go off so easily? – An Immigration Officer Told Sara Khan

Sara Khan is a known television personality in India; after performances in soaps such as Bedaai and Susral Simar Ka, the actress became a fan favourite across the borders. Recently, she appeared in a high rated Pakistani drama, Beykhudi which allowed her to create a fan following on this side of the border too.

“Working culture is different. A few though yet major differences are there. Over there they don’t believe in creating sets at all. Every location is a real location. The makeup is also very natural. It doesn’t feel as if it is some shoot happening but like a real life thing, it’s so natural. After working in Pakistan I realised that realism is very important. The real incidents that they focus on are executed well in their shows,” said Sara speaking to Pinkvilla.

“I have met so any people out there who love India for its beauty and culture. They love Bollywood. In their cinema halls, most of our Bollywood movies run while on their TV sets, our shows are always playing.”

When asked if she faced problems in Pakistan, Sara replied, “I never faced any tension or stress at work. You know, my producers out there were very considerate considering I was the only Indian out there. I got more respect because I was an Indian.”

She then shared her unpleasant experience with an immigration officer and shared that the officer said, “When Mahira Khan was not let go off easily in India and was deported from the Indian airport at Delhi, so why should we let you go off so easily.”

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Any message to fans from both India and Pakistan?

“That was the only incident that happened at the immigration counter, else nowhere did I face any kind of comparison or was held against the happening with Mahira Khan in India. In fact, outside, they all took every care of me. You know, I have been going to Pakistan for 6-7 months. This is my second show out there. The way we were unaware about a lot of things and relied on news channels, similarly, over there, people weren’t aware of the scenario faced by Mahira Khan and Fawad in detail. They too relied on news channels. I used to travel after 15 days to both the countries and see that things were pretty normal here and there as well,” she added.

When asked if she has any message for fans from both India and Pakistan?
Sara responded, “The fans who really want the talent on board in both countries, I want to thank them for supporting talent and to those who think ill about both the countries, please understand first and then comment on anything.”

Rimsha Butt