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Sara Loren opposite Adhyayan Suman in “Ishq Click”

Sara Loren has recently signed another Hindi Movie, “Ishq Click”, in which she is doing lead role opposite to Adhyayan Suman. Earlier, she gave poor performance in Murder 3. Though her acting skills need serious improvement, still she is somehow managing to be a part of movies, maybe because of her looks. On serious note, I find her really unattractive after her lips augmentation and cheeks implant.


Ishq Click will be an emotional and romantic movie where Sara’s role is of an Orphan. Its about how Sofia Dias (Sara Loren) turns into a super model and falls in love with a photographer (Adhyayan Suman) and how she gets betrayed.

Sara added that the best part about this movie is that she can connect herself with the character she is doing; It will actually portray that how she is in her real life.

We wish her best of luck for her upcoming project.

Rabia Basharat.