Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

Sarah Khan has come a long way in the past few years. She joined the drama industry in 2012 and in only 8 years she has improved not only her acting style but there is a big difference in her looks as well. Sarah Khan has now attained the kind of stardom which makes the viewers tune in to her dramas. Many of the viewers are so used to watching the new look of Sarah Khan on the screen that they must have forgotten how different she looked in the plays she worked in, early on in her career.

Here is how Sarah Khan has transformed over the years.

Makeovers In Dramas

If we look at the kind of looks Sarah Khan sported at the beginning of her career and the ones she is seeing carrying at the moment, there is a huge difference. Over the years not only has Sarah Khan figured out what looks the best on her but her complexion is also lighter than ever. In this collage, the picture on the left side is from her first drama and the one on the right side from her recent drama. The difference is so evident even though in both the dramas, Sarah’s characters were somewhat the same. Both of them could have been given a simple look or a glamorous one.

Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

Sarah Khan avoided wearing too much make-up when she starred in the first few plays such as Bari Aapa and Alvida. Nowadays, however, she focuses a lot on her look. Even if she is playing the most simple character as she did in Mere Bewafa, she makes sure that she looks her best. These looks are very different from the actual natural looks of the actress in the dramas she acted in, at the beginning of her career. Here are two pictures that show how Sarah Khan’s ‘simple’ look has changed over the years. In the picture on the right her character had just woken up, in the other look it is day time and there was definitely more room for putting on make-up. This basically shows that Sarah wants to look flawless on-screen whether it is the requirement of the scene or not.

Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

As is evident from these two pictures, flawless for Sarah Khan means a fairer even skin tone with the help of make-up and filters. Perhaps, it is likely that she got some help from professionals in order to get skin lightening because there is a big difference in her complexion. This flawless look also means perfectly shaped eye-brows, proper contouring, perfectly blow-dried hair, and an overload of mascara even if she has just woken up in a scene!

In drama serial, Deewar-e-Shab Sarah Khan also played a simple character. It was a character much simpler than the one she played in her debut drama serial Bari Aapa. Yet, here is a collage showing Sarah’s look in Bari Aapa and another one from Deewar-e-Shab. The difference is as clear as daylight. In the scene from Bari Aapa, her character is out on a date, which would mean she could have looked far more glamorous. In the scene from Deewar-e-Shab her character is not even outside the house but this was her natural, everyday look for the drama. Once again, the skin lightening stands out more than anything else.

Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

Difference In Styling 

Sarah Khan transformed her styling completely in the past few years. When she started working in dramas, her clothes used to be simple and there was minimal effort that she put into styling her characters. Now, it is quite apparent that styling means a great deal for Sarah Khan. She starts sharing the different styles and looks she will be sporting in a project even before the project goes on air. In fact, this is like one of the enticing factors for the fans and she knows that too well. Here is another comparison collage that shows how Sarah Khan’s styling has changed over the years.

Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

In her most recent drama serial, Sabaat Sarah Khan has focused a lot on her styling to the extent that there is a long list of designer labels that have sponsored the outfits she is wearing in the drama. She looks picture perfect in every shot to the extent of looking fake. This filtered look is Sarah’s favorite recently and one that is very different from the looks she was seen in her initial dramas.Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

Change In Complexion

Sarah Khan had an appealing wheatish complexion when she joined the industry. Unfortunately, like many other actors who feel that it is important to look fair in order to be accepted as beautiful, Sarah Khan has done whatever she could in order to lighten her complexion. She was a dusky beauty, in the beginning, now she has intentionally transformed into fair and lovely! Here is a collage with one screenshot from Bari Aapa, Sarah’s first play, and the other from Sabaat, her most recent play. The pictures are self-explanatory!

Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

Sarah Khan has also worked on her poses and her selfie game is stronger than ever now. A comparison of these two selfies shows how she preferred being more fun and natural before and now even the selfies are completely different from before. We cannot emphasize the change in complexion enough because the difference is more apparent than anything else. Obviously, she has upped her make-up and styling game too. Her hair was always beautiful, now she prefers straight hair instead of layering which was her hairstyle in the early years. She has started outlining her lips to make them look more full and she prefers thicker eye-brows which are also the latest trend.
Sarah Khan Amazing Transformation Over The Years

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  • Yes her complexion has changed but not by that much, you guys are exaggerating. In most of the pictures of Sarah before, it’s the lighting. If you look at her Instagram pictures now she still has pictures where she embraces her tanned skin.
    Lighting makes a difference

  • I agree with the previous comment by Ayesha where she points out how you guys have exaggerated your point of skin lightening. Reviewit needs to act a little more responsibly. It’s the not the first time the website has been found putting immense emphasis on skin lightening and stuff; something which is already a major issue in our culture which affects the lives of so many women. Instead of breaking these norms and incredibly narrow standards of beauty, you guys keep on actively reinforcing it, giving ideas about artificial ways of skin lightening to people have darker skins, making them feel they need to get rid of this disgusting flaw or they’d be deemed the most unattractive being on this planet who deserves to die instead of helping them embrace. It is hard to believe that even this generation is fixated with the ‘Gora Complex’ and has barely got pass it. Though I am not sure of the author’s age. Living in the US, I see the people raving/envying South Asian (which is predominantly olive). They go through cancerous tanning procedures because it’s apparently way more attractive. But that’s really not the point, what they are doing an another extreme. The whole idea is stop propagating one is better than the other.

    I have been following you guys for years and I am always extremely disappointed. But I’m glad I have never seen such content being produced or find Zahra or Fatima hinting towards such things. I hope you guys take this comment as a positive criticism instead of an offense. Thanks!

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