Sarmad Khoosat’s Manto Coming On Geo As A Drama Serial

Manto by Sarmad Khoosat had gained recognition and awards globally with the story of this creative genius who was destroyed by the very culture that necessitated him to become who he was. There was this one man who had literature, words, talents and a burning desire to create but not enough market to be able to afford a living off his talent. Manto’s pain, anguish and cynicism had been translated well by a team of veteran performers in this film released in 2015. Now, from the 3rd of November, it is coming on Geo Tv as a drama serial. It will be great to watch this masterpiece that is all set to appear every Friday.


Dekhein #Manto 3rd November sey har jumma ki raat 10:00 bajay sirf GEO TV – Har Pal Geo…#GeoTv #HarpalGeo #Manto #MantoTheFilms

Публикувахте от GEO TV – Har Pal Geo в Сряда, 25 октомври 2017 г.

Mehwish Mansoor