Sarwat Gilani Gave Shutup Call To Haters

Actress Sarwat Gilani and her husband Fahad Mirza were on their vacations filled with adventure. The stunning couple kept us updated with their beautiful pictures straight from Rome and Italy.

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Fahad Mirza shared a wholesome image that was severely bashed by social media. The couple was having a moment of affection in Rome but haters could not handle it and called this act as unislamic and vulgar.

Sarwat Gilani Gave Shutup Call To Haters 26

They both ignored all the hate initially but when people crossed their limits, Sarwat Gillani finally schooled all the haters for bullying and trolling.

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She said, “To all the haters in this world! STOP FOLLOWING ME IF YOU HATE ME SO MUCH. You can’t bully me I’m too bloody strong for your minute imagination! Grow up and get a life! Stop being so jealous of other people’s success, the love in their lives and the happiness they have because unlike you they have worked bloody hard for it.”

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She pointed out how anyone’s opinion is unimportant and nobody can bring her down.

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“For someone who has faced the world and lasted this long…your perspective is very unimportant…you can’t bring me down, not even in your imagination! Just cause US Celebrities don’t say anything doesn’t mean you bullies have the right to say everything! It’s time for a much awaited SHUT UP CALL! with love, of course!” Sarwat concluded.


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  • Thats ridiculous, ghalat kaam kernay walay na sirf sub kusch khulam khula kertay hain belke us per datt bhee jatay hain. Aur sahih baat kernay walay der der ker jeetay hain. Aisay kaam kernay aur share kertay hoye yaad rekhna chaheye keh Allah muslmanon main fahashy phailanay walon ke liye kya kehta hay.

    • And sorry for the writer too, look at the language used “haters”… what do you mean by haters? Any one saying a word of sane is hater? Why me or any other criticizing them is a hater, in fact I had always been happy for her that she is Ma Sha Allah settled in her life after a long period of crisis, there is nothing to get jealous or hate her, its just a matter of moral and religious values. I and many others like me think that this is not a way a Muslim couple should behave and we cannot leave them alone because Allah wants us not to. Allah asks every Muslim to stop a “burai” with force, with words or least accept it as a wrong doing.
      Secondly its this backlash that has stopped many others from doing same or even worse, if people stop saying anything and leave them alone it will get worse. And this article is clearly supporting their act.

  • Well firstly no one is jealous of sarwat.. secondly the kissing pics showing in public is an a publicity stunt..she wasnt getting any attention so she tried this move..being a muslim is what triggered her haters.. for me idc if she has sex in pic as its non of my business not her slamming haters proves she planned it and wanted reaction from others.. sarwat aunty u could of done a better job not a cheap one..

  • She ain’t even famous neither her husband..they were not getting attention so to come in limelight they took the step which they knew can cause others to react.. I didnt react infact I was laughing at her pictures and her replies🤣

  • Aj kl gali dena amm hai esny ue nhi socha k gali dy ge tu kya hoga es ki qabr main yahan koi hater nhi hai bb apka just sb ny ye suggest kia k pyar ap dono ka ap dono k liy hai esy show off nhi krna chahiy ye b fahasy main ajati hai thri c common sense use kr k r thandy demag sy sb k msgz parthi ap tu shyd ap itne worst language use na krti sb k liy….es main kisi ka kc tu nhi gia jinho ny comment kiy han apki izzat main r lovers main zaror kami hoi….thra sa dean parh lo tak islam main r gumrahi main frq kr sako…no doubt hamara media jis trf ja rha hai sirf gumrah r main tu ye b kahon ge k hamara pakistani koi channel aisa nhi jis ny aurat ki izzat ko pamal na kia ho including hum tv….aurat ko nagga kr k smhjty hain hmny bht kama lia hmny bht achy kam kiy ary media walon kc hosh kro r apny islam ko ganda na kro ussy islam he rehny do….r dusara wo zeshaan desinger jo honey moon py gia tha hadd hai usny raho sahe kasr puri ki ye media waly hai he bury lgta hai enk maa baao ny en ki tarbeeyat he thk nhi ki…

  • Her husband posted it and he should have known by now what kind of comments will be passed against his wife and his relationship. Just keep some moments private and not overshare it to the public

  • To all those Deen sikhanay valay. Allah never said khud ko chor k doosron ki zindgi men jhankna shuru kr do. Islam is a religion of peace love not hate or negativity. Koi kisi ki qabar men nhe jaeyga tou bjaey kisi ko btanay k apna qibla drust kren sahib 5 wqt ki nmaz k bad ghuroor nhe dil men Allah ana chye.

  • Sarwat sahiba jo ghalat hy wo to hy. Ya to khud ko musalman na kahein.really dont know why u forgot tht we r muslims.. This life will b ended soon. This fame this youth all remporary. Behayahhai ko pta nhi kion logoun ny justify krna shru kr diya hy. Think over it dear.. Allah ko marnay k bad jawab bhi dena hy.

  • Islam’s opinion is very important for Muslims of Pakistan. According to Islam one shouldn’t spread BEHAYAI.
    May ALLAH SWT guide us all

  • Well I would say she only need attention of viewers. But feel sorry for her acting with her hubby they don’t have any bedroom for such a lousy act🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Firstly you r a Muslim dont forget the boundaries in Islam we should follow regarding intermate behaviour with our spouses, especially in public. I truly respect your charity work but this kind of intermate
    behaviour in public is disgusting

    Lastly how come you Pakistani celebrities lose the plot when you’re aboard please have respect for who you are firstly a Muslim and then a Pakistani .

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