Sarwat Gilani Unleashes Her Artistic Side During Coronavirus Quarantine

All of us have been spending time locked down in our houses keeping ourselves safe from the deadly coronavirus that has been spreading and rapidly sinking its teeth in Pakistan. The number of cases has increased from 1000 and a total of 7 deaths have been reported in the country.

And while, most of us laze around spending our days in quarantine, Sarwat Gilani has been unleashing her artistic side at our home. The actress shared how she had been keeping her children busy with paints and putting the papers to a crafty use.

First, Sarwat let her children paint newspapers.

sarwat 8

sarwat 9
sarwat 10
sarwat 11

The painted newspapers were then cut into thin strips.

The thin strips then were linked into a chain

sarwat 4

sarwat 5

sarwat 2

The linked chains then went on to be hung on a tree, to give a beautiful outlook.

sarwat 3

 sarwat 1

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