Savera Nadeem’s Haunted Experience On Wehem Set

Pakistani drama industry has produced some unparalleled talent from the golden PTV era and one of those names is of Savera Nadeem. The actress is an institution in herself and she has always managed to win the audience with her strong performances and the way she carries herself in every character. Her latest drama Wehem is the talk of the town and people have once again fallen in love with her performance.

Savera Nadeem's Haunted Experience On Wehem Set

She shared that how thrilling and mysterious the script was is what made her take on the role of Rukhsana. Here is Savera Nadeem sharing what led her to take on Wehem:

Savera Nadeem went on to share that the drama was sot in a very old pre-partition era house which is shown as Rukhsana’s place. She said that the upper portion of the house was completely shut with the windows nailed in nd they shot only in the lower portion. Once water spilled from the upper portion at their feet when they were standing there when there was no one on that floor neither was it possible from the neighbouring houses. She said that there were stories about that old house being haunted as well.

Savera Nadeem's Haunted Experience On Wehem Set

Here is how the incident happened:

Savera Nadeem's Haunted Experience On Wehem Set

Pakeeza Dar

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