Shahroz Sabzwari and wife Syra are no longer together

It seems like it has been the year of celebrity divorce. First it was Mohsin Abbas Haider and wife, then we had Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza calling it quits after being together for almost 20 years and now, in a heartbreaking surprise Shahroz Sabzwari and wife Syra Shahroz have also called it quits after 7 years of marriage.

Syra Shahroz 1

The news was confirmed by Shahroz Sabzwari himself who stated that he had Syra were no longer together and had separated.

Syra and Shahroz tied the knot back in 2012 and had been married for 7 years now.

Syra Shahroz 3

Both Syra and Shahroz parent an adorable daughter Nooreh Shahroz as well.

Syra Shahroz 2

The reason of the separation is unknown as yet but as news has it, it has been about 4-5 months and that Shahroz is already dating someone else now.

Syra Shahroz 7

Also Sadaf Kanwal has become a regular visitor of shahroz’s social media profile, with her comments dotting his posts.

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  • Pehle Sanam Baloch aur Abdullah
    Phir Mohib aur Amina
    Ab Syra aur Shahroz
    Aitebaar hi uth gya hai 🙄 😒

    • Seems a lot showbiz marriages don’t work… one married to split up so when I hear of a marriage breakdown breaks my heart.

      • That too after having kids. Mohib Amna and Sairoz both have a daughter. Bachay becharay fazool main ghaseetay jatay hain.

  • Sadaf kanwal tu shahroz ki ammi Jan lage gi saira tu bohat cute hai ,itney achey maa baap ka bacha aur is tarha divorce Allah aaj Kal ki nasal ko hidayat de Ameen

  • Not only these recently I also read about Bushes Ansari’s divorce with Iqbal And Sri and her remarrying to Iqbal Hussain (Farah Hussain’s ex husband and Deewar e Shab Director)

  • jis rishte me Khudaa hi naa us me barkat kese ho gi? Jo log Khuda se wafa na kren wo insan se wafa kese kren geyn? and shame on this thing called sadaf kanwal, SHAME ON YOU.

  • Shaadi is just a joke to these celebrities. You forgot to include Mansha Pansha who silently divorced, Sanam Baloch and Fiza Ali in your post. Sarah and Agha’s broken engagement. Curious how long Iqra and Yassir will last. Dating is a lot different than living together. Also marriage isn’t about how hot your wife or husband is. It’s the same in Bollywood, people go crazy about Anushka and Virat and Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding pictures, once upon a time they were admiring Suzanne and Hrithik, Arjun and Mehr. Also curious how long Hamza’s marriage will last.

  • muje kabi kisi actors k divorce ka itna dukh nahi howa jitna in logo k divorse ka sun k howa hai … syra aur shehroz ek saat buhut pyare aur Cute lagte hai.

  • >